Typical Tuesday… Truths?

(Yeah, I’m a fan of alliteration. So sue me!)

All kinds of news and updates to report today!

1) Operation: Gnomeregan is live! And so is the Horde equivalent. I’m not sure what level is required for it, but I presume it’s 80. Start off by going to see High Tinker Mekkatorque in Ironforge to get the first quest to kick them all off. Note that you can motivate all five citizens one after the other and then ride them all down to Steelgrill’s Depot at once.

I don’t like gnomes, but I have to admit that I got chills as I helped Mekkatorque move to retake Gnomeregan.

Apparently, these quests also count for Loremaster, if you’re into that.

I do not believe you get any rep for it with the gnomes, although I could be mistaken.

Go forth and help Mekkatorque take back Gnomeregan!

(As an aside, “They may take our lives, but they’ll never take… our INNOVATION!”, may be one of the best damn lines in this game.)

2) Healing in Cataclysm MAY not suck as much as we think it will. Maybe. I’ll have more details on this later, but I healed an amazingly EASY Grim Batol run on the weekend. Like, really easy. One wipe. One bugged boss (which wasn’t even the cause of the wipe). Bunch of bugged dragons, causing us to do a stupid amount of trash. But it was pretty easy.

Possibly the strangest thing about this run is that I used Holy Light the most. I made a concerted effort to use it a lot. Anyways, you’ll see what I mean. I took some video and while the quality does suck, you should be able to see some of the incoming damage and the reactions I’m having.

3) MMOwned estimates November 18th as the release. I’m not going to link to the site, because it encourages exploits, hacks and bots and I’m pretty firmly against all of those. That does not, however, mean that I won’t consider the news coming from there regarding a release date.

November 18th makes sense to me, especially with the start of the pre-Cataclysm events that launched today. I fully expect 3.9 to drop in the first or second week of October, followed by a mid-November release of Cataclysm. I’m wondering if they’re going to nerf bosses at 3.9 the way they did when 3.0 dropped. After all, we weren’t tuned to be 70 with the abilities we had (pallies didn’t even get Divine Plea until 71), so it made sense that they nerfed things a bit, although the 30% nerf was really ridiculous back then. But I wonder if we won’t see something like that when 3.9 drops. If we do, maybe they’ll even remove some of the abilities off LK or Sindragosa that make them so very challenging (the way Illidan had Shear removed).

If I were designing things, I wouldn’t remove anything, exactly, but I’d make it so only 4 people got Unchained Magic on Sindragosa instead of 6 (on 25-man). I would imagine a nerf to LK’s health would be enough for most to get him down, but otherwise, I’d change it to 2 Valks instead of 3 and make the Vile Spirits or Raging Spirits a little less punishing.

For Putricide, it would be all about removing that third goo on heroic… ;)

I do strongly suspect that raid content is going to be changed in some fashion when 3.9 drops, though. With the changes and the inability to get all of our talents and skills at 80, something has to change. I mean, based on the wowhead talent calculator, we’ll have 36 points to spend at 80 after 3.9 drops. That means 31 points in our main tree, plus 5 points in other trees. For a holy paladin, that would mean Crusade and Improved Judgement, but no Eternal Glory or Rule of Law. Something like this:


Without Inquisition (81), ret pallies are screwed. Without Holy Radiance (83), holy paladins are screwed. It’d be nice to have Guardian of Ancient Kings, too, but that’s only at level 85. We are not going to be properly tuned for this content, so I fully expect a similar nerfage to Wrath mobs and bosses the way we saw with BC mobs and bosses when 3.0 dropped.

4) In a sign that perhaps the world (of warcraft) is facing a cataclysmic ending, Chase Christian at wow.com sent me a crapton of traffic, linking to me twice from his latest article which was posted Sunday. Many of you may recall my initial annoyance with regards to Mr. Christian and WoW.com. Most of that has long-since faded away and I’m glad that my blog could be a resource that he found useful for holy paladins. That’s all I ever wanted to provide to the community so I’m glad that we’re both doing what we can to inform the paladin community of the upcoming changes in Cataclysm.

5) Apotheosis v2.0 preparations are coming along. I’ve got a new forum up and running, 24 past, present and future Apotheosians signed up, I’m filling out the officer roles and basically just trying to do what needs to be done. We’re not recruiting yet, exactly, but will likely have to recruit from the start (possibly even pre-Cataclysm release) to ensure we hit the ground running.

And I have a new front page for the guild website which will make updates super easy. It’s still very much under construction, mind you.

Already, I’ve had more “paperwork” to do for Apotheosis in the last couple of weeks than I’ve had to do in the last… six or eight months? Last time I did any kind of paperwork like this was when I was reviewing the healers in my last guild.

My plans are to remain with my paladin in my current guild and continue raiding with them until they stop 25-man raiding or Cataclysm comes out, whichever comes first.

I’ll probably be leaving my druid (or my mage) on my other main server (with my RL friend the resto druid) and move all five other 80s back to Eldre’Thalas in one fell swoop. Then my brother’s going to transfer his paladin, his hunter and possibly his 40-something shaman back to ET.

WTB mass-transfer discount, PST.

Anyways, that’s what’s new with me and what’s going on around here. Off to finish going through some parses before I get to work on that post about healing. And I should probably get some time in on the beta tonight to get to 85. It’s so frustrating right now, because nothing’s itemized and you don’t get XP from dungeons right now when you’re past level 83, so levelling = ret questing in crap gear, hahaha. Good times.

10 Replies to “Typical Tuesday… Truths?”

  1. The quests’ level requirements are as follows (I think):

    You can be any level for the quests that lead up to the killing of Zalazane/that Gnome guy.

    You must be 75+ in order to do the quest to kill Zalazane/Gnome dude.

    Which means any level character can get the item that turns you into a Troll/Gnome, but only 75+ can get the Feat of Strength and a useless cape.

  2. Amg, I didn’t realize the front page also got a makeover! The red is very nice although I’m still partial to the old design <3

    Anyway, I really wish Blizz did a discount with mass transfer as well since I'll probably be transferring over at least three characters to Eldre'thalas, including mi shaman. My wallet is going to cry when that happens, AND I will probably have to scale back on the Etsy spending sprees. *SADFACE*

  3. Kurn, I totally want to join you guys with one of my healers. Seriously. When are you all thinking of running your raids?

  4. Stella – Yeah, the new front page is rather new. ;) I’m partial to the old design as well, which is why I ultimately kept the Spirit of Redemption, but blue = wrath, red= cataclysm. ;)

    A mass transfer discount would be EXCELLENT. God.

    Codi – Uh. I… wow, yes? Please? Join us? :)

    Tentatively, three nights of: Sun/Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs (no idea which 3 yet) from about 9pm ET-midnight.

    I’m thinking Tue/Wed/Sun so we have Mon as an option if we REALLY want to push it. If we end up not wanting Tuesdays due to patches, Wed/Thurs/Sun. Maybe slightly longer on Sundays (8-11:30 or so?).

  5. Oh gotcha. That explanation on the color scheme TOTALLY makes sense.

    PS: Are we going to have a group discussion on the raid times? :o

  6. Stella – Yep, gonna have a vote kind of thing. The officers, once I force, er, ask them all nicely to be officers, and I will narrow things down and offer a choice to see who can make what nights. The nights are basically up for grabs, the times are less flexible (I don’t want to end past midnight and due to people in other timezones, before 9pm is less doable), but attendence almost certainly won’t be required at 100%, particularly if there are RL conflicts that abound.

  7. Kurn! I want to raid with you too! /cry

    Seriously, if I could, if I had any chance at all of that happening.. I would so make it happen. But as far as I’m aware, there is still no way to transfer characters from EU realms to US realms. Which sucks.

    On another note. I’m glad I got a beta key too, but I’m still having trouble getting the beta client running. I guess I’m in for a reinstall, will probably let it run tonight while I sleep. When I do get it running, I hope the character copy works again because I kinda really want to get my hands on 80+ leveling. If not, I’ll probably start a Worgen something, or a Dwarf Shaman. I got a thing for Dwarves :)

  8. Kaboom, what problems are you having with the beta? I just got in (right before the downtime -> patch). The current patch is flaky as all get out for my GF and myself (managed to score a key for her via an awesome guy), it crashes constantly, worgen crash the game, and my GF can’t seem to copy over her characters (I have been to lazy to delve through blue posts to find out what’s up), so have patience before attempting a reinstall :P

  9. Thansal, I can’t even log in. It stops IMMEDIATELY with a vague error:

    “There was an error logging in. Please try again later. If this problem persists…” etc.

    No errorcode to look up, no nothing. Regular WoW client is working fine for me. I can log into Battle.net and see the Beta account, no problems there. I could copy a character over to beta if that wasn’t bugged. But logging in? No dice.

    I might not have that kind of patience, my friend ;) Besides, I can let the install run unattended overnight, shouldn’t be a problem. After that it only needs patching, but those come in at a steady 1.2 MB/sec so I don’t have to wait *that* long anyway.

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