Uh, wow.

So the other holy paladin didn’t show up tonight. Didn’t post or anything.

My RL friend/healing lead pointed out a bit later that he’s no longer in the guild. With no gquit notation in the guild log, it looks like he ninja transferred.

Not that I’ll miss HIM particularly much… but I need a pally buddy. :(

2 Replies to “Uh, wow.”

  1. OMG…what did you do to him Kurn?!

    Seriously though people that ninja transfer are the worst. For the life of me I can’t figure out why people don’t just own up and say “hey I’m leaving”. Is that really so hard to do?

  2. Still not sure where he went, either. Got a name change, too, it appears. I think he downed Arthas on 10m and then ninja transferred the next day, our off-day? Or something.

    I think he was probably unhappy due to a few reasons: our healing lead is (properly!) micro-managing things like our beacons and calling us out on it when our beacons fall off/are on the wrong target/etc. She also yelled at a few of us in the healing channel the other day — including me and the other holy pally — for not doing what we were supposed to do on a night of Putricide wipes.

    I’m thinking that he just got tired of it and that he took off without saying anything because he didn’t want to deal with the situation. If he did get Arthas down and got the Kingslayer title, that’s a good way for him to be able to find a new home — sort of how Twilight Vanquisher used to be.

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