Last weekend, I was a guest on a podcast called My Epic Heals, which is a WoW healing-centric podcast run by a holy paladin named Eade, of My Pally Heals, and a resto druid named Wolfshayde. The other guest on the podcast was Vidyala from Manalicious. I’d previously gotten the chance to talk to Vidyala over on Blessing of Frost‘s Episode 13, focusing on the differences between 10s and 25s, so it was nice to chat with her again. :) The My Epic Heals episode came out yesterday. Strangely enough, it’s ALSO Episode 13. Cue Twilight Zone music? ;)

Speaking of podcasts… I don’t really listen to a lot of them. At all. Which is a little weird, considering I DO a podcast, but anyway. I stumbled across this snazzy podcast called Convert to Raid and have listened to all 8 episodes of it in the last couple of days. Really quality production on it and some interesting content. :)

And, speaking of raiding, I Frapsed our Rag kill. Here’s the raw video. Yes, my UI is cluttered, yes, it’s got weird noises (every time I gain Holy Power or spend it and every time Holy Shock is ready) and, sadly, you can’t hear me because of the way Fraps interacts with Windows. You can, however, hear Majik say “there goes another one” when I get flung off the side, as Tikari pointed out on our guild forums. ;)

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  1. Grats on the kill, but how in the name of all that is done by paladins can you raid like that?

  2. Kurn, your UI ><

    Giant rep bar? Profession buttons visible in raid? /cry

    That said, what's that boss health frame on the left side of your screen (with the timer)? I always have the boss as my focus but whenever Rag submerges it disappears and I have to reset it when he comes back out. That's a huge pain in the ass. I'd love a boss health bar that never goes away.

  3. Grats on your kill! Our 25-man is currently working on Baelroc (a healing nightmare) so we hope to be on Ragnaros within the next few weeks as well!

  4. Técaro – haha, practice makes perfect? ;)

    Jasyla – If that’s how you feel, imagine how sad of a panda Walks is…

    The rep bar is leftover from levelling, since that’s where my XP bar was. I should probably get around to turning that off…

    The profession buttons come in handy!! ;)

    The timer/boss frame thing is part of DXE – Deus Vos Encounters. Great boss mod now that it’s been updated for Cata.


    I’ve been running it in concert with DBM, but it means a lot of DBM clutter. I need to go through and see, encounter-by-encounter, which mod is better for which fight and update the settings on each.

    Juvenate – Thank you! And honestly, good luck to you. I hate Baleroc. Even though we still kill him regularly, ALL the healers (myself included) still don’t quite have the hang of that bastard. The theory is sound, the execution is iffy. If you need a hand, drop me an email at kurn [at] apotheosis-now [dot] com and I’ll let you know what we do. :)

  5. slice – yeah, yeah! ;)

    Chase – oooh, thanks! I had no idea there was a new version released. Downloaded and configured, thanks much. :)

    (Glad to hear I’m not the only RL with a cluttered UI!)

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