Vashj to 49%!

Ooooooooh, so close. I can feel it!

We’re really getting the hang of tossing cores around, alternating/splitting DPS on striders and naga and kiting the striders.

Dying isn’t usually our problem; usually one thing goes horribly awry (a netted/frozen strider eats the faces of three raiders, the server lags, someone doesn’t run away from a static charge) and then we’re screwed. But we’re getting there! I’m really excited to have gotten her to Phase 3 (technically, anyways).

We did 10 attempts on Vashj tonight and the 9th one was when the server lagged out horribly. We were all frozen in place and next thing you know, six people are down. More lag… and another 8 people are dead.

It was during this laggy time that one of our raiders said, quite astutely, “Vashj doesn’t lag,” which led to uproarious laughter on my part. One of the last people up was our resident elemental shammy who, due to server lag, appeared to be standing directly in front of Vashj, Vashj looking at her, aiming her bow at her and about ready to kill her. For about thirty seconds. It’s kind of funny, ’cause you KNOW the shammy’s going to die and, in fact, is probably already dead, because, after all, Vashj doesn’t lag, but we all waited with baited breath to see what would happen.

In the span of .8 seconds, once the lag spike ended, our beloved elemental shammy toppled over and Vashj reset and we all burst into laughter.

Sometimes… I really enjoy this game. :)