Victory, for now.

As the official blue post says, the new forums will not integrate people’s real names.

I hope that’s the last we’ll hear of this “real name” stuff. I kind of doubt it, to be honest, but I’m satisfied for the moment. I am trying not to entertain any conspiracy theories that indicate this might have been their initial position and didn’t think it would fly, so they pushed the envelope even further and then “compromised” by using this unique identifier thing.

I don’t see how on earth anyone at Blizzard could possibly be so out of touch with the players to think that the Real ID on the forums thing would fly, so I can see where these theories can make sense.

However, I have enough crap in my head that I don’t need more outlandish theories. I’ll take this as a victory, for now, and encourage everyone to respectfully thank Blizzard for listening to the community’s outcry.

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  1. Yay for us!


    But yeah, I also put up a post about this. I still can’t for the life of me figure out what the hell they had smoked to even consider this a good idea. Ah well. They’ve sobered up apparently.

  2. Okay, so just for clarity’s sake, I’m switching up my name on here. If you can, possibly, change all the others, great, but if not, I’ll go with the parentheses.

    So I’m stoked about this. I truly sit back and think about all of the rage I felt (and lemme tell you I was definitely nerdraging) and the absolute frustration I felt. Out of principle I wanted to quit, but despite all my complaints about it, I do enjoy playing WoW… most of the time.

    So I accept this victory. I thank Blizzard for hearing the pleas and the cries. I also hope that eventually this friend-of-friend nonsense goes away too. I’m just sayin’ is all.

  3. Kaboomski – I suspect that’s why you’re seeing the conspiracy theories running rampant today, because it actually makes a bit of sense. Still, I’m just grateful they changed their minds.

    Mailynn – I’ll try to change everything to Mailynn. Make my life harder, why don’t you!? ;) I hope they’ll move forward with their subscribers’ privacy in mind, too — including in the already-integrated Real ID thing.

  4. Ok, so I haven’t chimed in anywhere with my conspiracy theory, but I think I will now.

    Have you all looked over the OTHER changes proposed for the new forums? I’m fairly iffy about how they were described my self. It looks like they want to do nested comments, which I think is always a failure.

  5. thansal – I guess it depends on the format of it, really. I’ve never really been a fan of nested replies, myself, but there are worse things. What I think that’s going to lead to is more page views/ad views and it can be argued that it’s more user friendly.

    I do like the rating up/down ability they announced.

    Honestly, with the initial announcement, I was pleased with the rating, ambivalent on the nesting and downright against the Real ID thing. I’m looking forward to the new forums at this point, at least to see what they’ll look like. I guess we can get a sneak peek from the SC2 forums later this month. :)

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