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  1. Quite intense. I figured you were done for when you had about 2 mins to clear the Slaughterhouse. The devs definitely sped that up by halving the a-bombs and eliminating the “downtime” between the wave of skellies and the last wave of guards. In Classic (and what I remember of doing it in Retail Wrath) there’s 45 seconds between the skellies and the guards built in to allow people to recover.

    And as for the mount… That’s the first time I’ve ever seen the mount drop; I have seen the sword drop once, and naturally the only person who could wield a 2H Sword in the group was the Holy Pally, who said “but….” And the rest of us in the group said “TAKE IT! WE AREN’T DE-ING THIS!”

    FWIW, your voice was a dead ringer for my boss at work, with her mannerisms and everything.

    1. Right??? I was like “how on EARTH am I going to do all this stuff before the timer runs out??”

      I agree, they’ve sped that up substantially. It’s funny because I remember thinking it was just never enough time back in the day. And now it’s like “HURRY UP!!!” ahahahaha.

      Third time I’ve seen the mount, I think. Once with a group and I didn’t win. Once solo at the start of Wrath. And now. My brother was pissed that I got it and more pissed that it’s my second and even still more pissed that it’s soulbound. hahaha.

      Hilariously, I got the rune blade drop later that day! I’d only seen it once before, IIRC.

      Well, unless you live in Montreal and I was your boss in 2015-2016, chances are low that I am your boss because I haven’t been anyone’s boss since then. ;)

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