What is Wrong with This Picture?

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s a screenshot of the buffs the pally tank had on him/her during my Heroic Violet Hold run on my mage on Thursday.

Go on. Take a guess in the comments.

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  1. I’m being slow here, but it is kinda fun I see:
    Group make up is: Tankadin, Destro (probably) Lock, Shaman healing, Warrior DPSing, You on the mage. Oh, and one of you is a Space Squid
    Tank is using SoW instead of SoV, but that isn’t huge, especially with mana down to 38% and full HP.
    I don’t know where that fire related icon is coming from, as there is only one paladin, and he does have up devotion.
    I don’t recognize the one on the end, nor the 2 after flame tongue (well, molten armor, but not), or the one after your Int (it’s arcane missile, but unless there was a druid moonfiring him, I’m lost).

  2. Sadly, it IS that the tank is using SoW. Because that is all he or she ever used. Even after the warrior asked them to use another seal because they (the tank) couldn’t hold aggro. That shot is from portal #5 and SoW remained up for the entire duration of the instance, even though the warrior WAS overtaking the tank in aggro on virtually every pull.

    Tank’s response to the warrior’s request? “laggin sorry”

    The buffs, in order:

    Arcane Brilliance, Arcane Empowerment, random dungeon finder buff thingy, Wintergrasp, Greater Blessing of Sanctuary, Seal of Fail — I mean, Wisdom, Righteous Fury (at least…), Earth Shield, Battle Shout, Devotion Aura, Fire Shield (warlock imp), Heroic Presence (draenei +1% hit factor from the resto shammy), Blood Pact (from the warlock’s imp), Wrath of Air totem, Mana Spring totem, Stoneskin totem, Flametongue totem, Rampage (from the fury warrior), Holy Shield, Replenishment (from the destro warlock’s Improved Soul Leech, Ancestral Healing (from the resto shammy).

    The fire-related icon confused the crap out of me, too. I actually had to go look up the paladin on the armory to see what the deal was.

    Sanctuary is the proc from Burnished Quel’Serrar and matches that icon.

    The last one is the Evasion proc from the T9 prot Libram.

  3. Ok, I feel less bad for missing the procs. Though I should have gotten Holy Shield.

    However yes, my first thought was the SoW instead of SoC, but I was hoping that the SoW was simply a situational thing. Guess not. I need to stop hoping for people to not be that dumb.

  4. I think we all need to just expect rampant stupidity and then we’re not disappointed at the fail all around us and then ARE pleasantly surprised when we find people who don’t suck. ;D

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