All my 80s have done the weekly raid quest, which was for XT in Ulduar this week. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to get a group, particularly on my mage, because I had no achievements for her in Ulduar. She didn’t even have the flight point. ><

But I got the pally and hunter done early this week (on Tuesday?) and then got the mage and shaman tonight.

I was on the mage and in a siege engine as the passenger (my preferred vehicle spot in the awful fail that is Flame Leviathan) and my driver took a detour to Hodir’s tower and basically wailed on it until it died.

The raid leader was saying stuff like “who started the event? Do we need to down towers?”

No response from anyone. But I had a bad feeling about it. Brann had kept pointing out each tower and its abilities as we passed them by. Was this normal or was this hard mode?

Well, we engage FL and, wouldn’t you know it, Orbital Countermeasures are online.

Some jackass, most likely the idiot huntard I was in the siege engine with, had started the event on hard mode by talking to the mage instead of Brann.

“lol you guys didnt destroy the towers?” my huntard asks.

“If some idiot hadn’t started hard mode, we wouldn’t have needed to,” the raid leader responded. Or something along those lines.

So we wipe, obviously, then go back and destroy the three remaining towers, then kill FL and then XT. I was just glad to have gotten in on my mage. And I didn’t suck, either!

The grind for Emblems of Frost continues! I’ve missed one random daily on the mage, 3 dailies on the paladin and one week of 10-man ICC on the paladin. Eh. That’s a lot of Emblems lost when I think about it like that. But I honestly don’t know how much longer I can keep doing 4 randoms a day and ICC both 25 and 10 every week on my paladin. Blah. At least I have my 2-piece set bonus on the pally and she’s wearing her new boots that I was able to craft for her on Kurn, without spending any of her own emblems.