So about three weeks ago, when I joined my new guild, I was put on standby while they worked on Sarth3D. When they got him down, I realized I had the timer free, so I pugged later that week and wound up with the Chestplate of the Great Aspects. But my four-piece set bonus would break if I equipped it, since I had T7(.1) gloves, chest and T7(.25) shoulders and pants.

So it’s been sitting in my bank.

Went to Naxx tonight, despite being exhausted from not sleeping a lot lately, and KT drops not one, but TWO pally/priest/warlock helm tokens. I was the only one who wanted it for main spec. I WIN!

So now I have my sweet T7 4-piece bonus AND the best chest in the game for me. I’m so excited that, despite the exhaustion, I’m playing my shammy on Proudmoore in celebration.