Episode 39 of the Kurncast – “A Complex Mosaic of Stories”

Welcome, one and all, to Episode 39 of the Kurncast, where I have a guest! Who isn’t Majik!

And no, it’s not my brother, either.

Shawn Holmes, aka Hanzo, writer of Eight Years in Azeroth, creator of WoWLemmings and guild leader of US-Deathwing’s Descendants of Draenor joins me for an epic chat.

How epic? SO EPIC that this is just part one of our conversation. We talk about everything from lore to respect to software development and business decisions that leave players scratching their heads and wondering where it all went wrong.

(Please note that this episode has some profanity. Listener discretion is advised.)
Thanks for listening and tune in next week for Episode 40 where we pick up where we left off!

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