Month: August 2015

Kurncast 57 – Kurn is Dumb

Need a chuckle? Check out how dumb I was in LFR this weekend. Enjoy Episode 57, dear listeners! [display_podcast] Don’t forget to ask questions of me at! As always, hosted proudly on bluehost servers. Do consider them if you’re looking for a new webhost! [bha size=’234×60′ variation=’01’ align=’none’]  

Kurncast 56 – My Lightbulb Moment

Welcome, dear listeners, to Episode 56 of the Kurncast! This week: work, WoW, Hearthstone and #WarcraftPositivity! [display_podcast] Thanks to @Osephala and @Terex1337 for making me feel vaguely less terrified about becoming a boss and to Ose for introducing me to the #WarcraftPositivity hashtag. You may want to follow @Lawilc01 and @roxiqt who came up with…

Kurncast 55 – Friends Don’t Let Friends be Munters

Welcome, everyone, to Episode 55 of the Kurncast: Friends Don’t Let Friends be Munters! Today, I talk about work (and how my in-game leadership skills helped me to hire someone) and, of course, Legion, the newly-announced World of Warcraft expansion. [display_podcast]   Also, every time I read the name “SARGERAS”, instead of thinking of, you…