24 Hour Downtime

In all seriousness, a 24-hour break from this game is something I need to do more frequently. That doesn’t mean that the fact it’s not on MY timetable doesn’t bother the crap out of me.

Anyways, Tuesday, June 8th, will be a busy day here on ye olde blogge. I’d start my posting frenzy now, but I am le tired. As such, I am not attending my raid AND I am going to bed early. So THERE!

That said, I thought I’d let you all know what is coming up tomorrow.

1) Healing: Paladins vs. Shammies vs. Druids vs. Priests. Just a look at the four classes and their healing roles from my perspective and (in some cases) limited experience.

2) Kurn’s Q&A 20, where we look at such search terms as:

“holy paladin wearing mail”

“can u reset the keepers in ulduar”

and, my favourite:

“how the fuck do you get into halls of reflection when you die”

Then, depending on Real Life stuff, I may also write up:

3) Holy How-to #7: How NOT to be a Holy Paladin. This will be a detailed examination of many of the mistakes Failadin ™ made while applying to my present guild. Specifically, mistakes made in the Lower Spire. I plan to include a link to a WoL parse where I’ll have changed all the names, to preserve anonymity.

And finally, if time permits:

4) Kurn’s Guide to Stratholme (Live side), assuming I can get the narration done properly and upload the darn thing.

No World of Warcraft for 24 hours means there’s no game to distract me from the blog, mwahahaha. ;)

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  1. I am tempted to set up and host a Blizzlike private server just so you can have a distraction when retail goes down. :P

  2. Holy How-to #7: How NOT to be a Holy Paladin? Hmmm…I didn’t know you’ve pugged with me before. ;^)

    I started looking into those upgrades you suggested, then got into a 25-man ICC pug on Saturday night. Picked up the Bulwark of Smouldering Steel (*lots* of haste, very tasty) and the Ashen Verdict Friendly ring. You won’t see the shield on my armory profile, though, as I got hacked Sunday morning. The shield was vendored, and I hadn’t even put an Intellect ‘chant on it yet. *le sigh*

    Oh well, maybe Ag will up and running again in a week or so, with her new hotness strapped on her back. And a new corehound pet guarding it. =^)

    Enjoy the downtime, just be thankful that it isn’t longer than 24 hours.


    P.S. @xmolder, make it flyable in Azeroth and I’m down. ;^)

  3. So, one good thing came of this down time:
    Lots of posts from Kurn! I’m looking forward to them.

    as for Agnostique, sucks to get hacked. Good luck with the restoration, just make sure you don’t take that ‘care package’ the offer you!

    I have to say, I’m a BIG proponent of authenticators, and kinda hope that they include one in every Cata box, making them mandatory.

  4. Thanks, x and than.

    Not gonna take that “care package”. I’m planning on making sure that my two mains (I interrupted the hackers Sunday morning, how rude of me!) get fully restored. I WANT THAT SHIELD BACK, DADGUMMIT!

    And I’m now a huge fan of authenticators. Already have a Core Hound guarding my alts’ backs, from a mobile authenticator. And two more physical authenticators in the mail, for my wife and me.


  5. Heh.

    I got a call from a friend the other day because I had logged in, he said something, I sat around for a while and then logged out. It was actually that I had set up a mess of auctions and wandered off to make some food, came back (his message had already faded) and I logged out to eat dinner. The worst one is when your guildies interrupt a hacker and there is NOTHING they can do about it. I know my friends’ GL was compromised and they were racing to withdraw stuff from the GBank before it was all vendored.

    The one word of warning:
    There IS a virus that will compromise an authenticator protected account. It is a Man in the Middle attack where the virus will capture the auth code (Along with your name/password) as you send them, replace the packet with an incorrect one, and instantly use that one time code to get into your account. you will receive the standard “you are an idiot and can’t type a password” response, if you get this and KNOW you typed it all correctly you need to quickly log in via a 2nd computer if possible. Blizz has confirmed this attack, and I don’t think there is anything they can do about it tbh.

  6. Ninja Edit:

    the ‘care package’ is (iirc):
    2500 G
    2 Frosts
    10 triumphs per day in Q after accepting the package.

    That is all per level 80, the lowbies get squat. You also can’t say “I want the care package for but I want a restore for “.

    It’s perfectly fine for a subset of players, as believe you me, there ARE lots of players out there where that is an upgrade from what they had, however for the rest of us, it sucks. Hopefully it gets the ridiculously undergeared out of the queue (with a nice bonus) and bumps up the people that need a full restore.

  7. X – I don’t do private servers, you silly ass. ;) Also, a care package is the piece of crap restoration deal they try to give you if you’ve been hacked these days. Something like 2000g, some other stuff. Not sure what it is, really, but it’s an awful deal for anyone who’s done any substantial raiding. Terrible deal. (edit: What thansal said!)

    Ag – so sorry to hear about your hacking but I’m glad you’ve got an authenticator. :) And the shield! It’s a real beauty and I’m sure you’ll get it back soon enough. :) Make sure you’ve scanned your computer for malware to ensure you’ve found the source of the compromise, too!

    thansal – haha, I’m writing the first one right now. This could take a while. ;) As to the MitM attack, every time I typo something in my login, I freak out. More often than not, I missed a character, though. ><

  8. heh, ninja edit 2:
    yay for content scrubbing! (I should know better than to use inequality signs in comments)
    Proper line:
    That is all per level 80, the lowbies get squat. You also can’t say “I want the care package for my new 80s but I want a full restore for my decked out 80s“. It’s an all or nothing deal.

  9. Ah. Yeah, that sounds like a terrible deal for most raiders, but it would probably benefit an alt-whore like me. Y’know, I think Al’s only tier piece is that one we got when we ran OS together, Kurn. How sad is that?

  10. thansal – haha, do you not have an option to edit your comments? I wonder if I can change that somewhere.

    X – that… that is tragic, X.

  11. Kurn, haven’t I been BEGGING you for a comment edit button? Unless people with a website in their comment info have some special features that others don’t…?

  12. X – Hm. I can edit my own comments. I suspect that’s because I’m the admin. I’m going to screw with your privileges in a sec. Don’t mess up my blog if you get more access than intended. :P

  13. Hi Kurn,
    Glad to see a lot of posts from you recently and im really looking forward to your next few posts!! rock on!! i am assuming you’re enjoying the free time away from raiding. happier kurn = happier blog entries!! yay.

    I may as well not remain anonymous. you have my email in the required field anyway. I’ll post as Devynity going forward. it’s my latest “alt”. on Ysondre.

    Have a great day off!

  14. Hi Devynity, thanks for posting! Looking forward to seeing more from you. :) I’m definitely enjoying my time off of raiding although part of me (a large part) misses that part of the game. Doing 4/12 on Kurn is not the same as 10-11 hard modes on Madrana.

    That said, not starting a raid at 11pm is kind of overwhelmingly amazing. Being able to go to bed before 2-2:30 is great. I’m thinking a lot about my situation and need to talk to my RL friend, but I may just end up going elsewhere.

    Either way, I HAVE to be happier than I have been in the recent past. I can’t go back to being so cranky. Even I get tired of my crankiness. ;)

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