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  1. Buahahahahahaahah.

    Unless that isn’t at max level, your battle group sucks even more than mine does for tanks. (or you are queuing up for something strange :P)

  2. Yeah, happened to me all the time. Tanks seem to be very rare nowadays. Good luck on finding a group before your priest is 80. At least, I’m assuming this screenshot is from your priest at 79. Ah well. Averages can be so misleading :-)

  3. thansal – It was a regular dungeon group I was in. We were given Culling of Stratholme. The tank immediately left. Which was a good thing, to be honest:


    I got a friend to come in and tank when he logged on, but damn. 1 sec average time and we spent 17m in queue. >< Kaboomski - Yep, was on the 79 priest!

  4. Wow, damn.

    I leveled a resto shamy fully through the DF and never had anything that bad. Heck, come 79 I think I finished it 1 day via the DF. As much as I dislike my BG, I guess it’s not that bad.

  5. I get that a lot – it makes me lol. ‘Cause… dude, if the average is ONE SECOND, how are we still here 17 minutes later?

  6. thansal – Not only that, but it feels like most of the tanks in the Bloodlust battlegroup are just BAD. So bad. So bad they make me want to cry.

    Apple – EXACTLY!!! :)

  7. Oh, how I feel your pain! My Pally turned 80 two weeks ago with Zom’s what’s-it-called-shield and I have been farming regular POS for that shield until the ICC 25 one drops for me. The Q time for a reg POS has averaged around 30 minutes at a time for me. That same Pally has been both Ally and Horde, no difference in wait times on either faction. :(

  8. Tobeume – Oh wow, your queue is that hideous at 80?! As a healer? I’m so sorry! What battlegroup are you on?

  9. As a 30 warrior (DPS), my latest toon is looking at a 57 minute wait time for a dungeon. D:

  10. @ Kurn – I’m in the Cyclone battle group, on the Suramar server. Cyclone peeps are too good for regular POS, apparently. :(

  11. X – tank it!

    Tobeume – My sympathies, I was on Bronzebeard for a while and the dungeon queues do suck in general, from what I recall. :( Best bet is probably on a weekend during peak hours.

  12. I was thinking about it. I really want to learn how to be a prot warrior, but I was all geared for arms already, so…

    Unless you SUPPORT arms tanks?

  13. X – How geared are you, really, at 30? Buy a 1H and a shield and go defensive stance and thunderclap it up. ;)

    I don’t particularly support non-tank-spec tanks, but then the spec really just makes things easier in the early levels instead of it being necessary.

  14. Considering “of the Bear” and “of the Tiger” gear averages ~75 gold each at that level, I’d say fairly, if only because I’m cheap. ;)

  15. It just means some other guy had a -17 minute wait. hey who wouldnt mind running for frosties and just getting a group that’s 17 minutes into the instance, facing the final boss? lol

    but joking aside, i’ve had this happen to me. just not as extreme as 1 second vs. 17 minutes.

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