83 and Healing Hands

So I hit 83 last night after questing my ass off in Deepholm (screenshots of all that to come).

Just a quick note on Healing Hands as it currently stands on beta:

– 10 second duration, 30 second cooldown (with 3/3 Speed of Light)

-4 second 30% movement speed buff (with 3/3 Speed of Light)

– Heals people for ~764/tick as long as they’re within 10 yards of you (with about 3600ish spellpower and 3/3 Divinity). Unsure if this can crit, although I assume so. Edit: Yes, it can crit.

– Heals you for about 810/tick (with 3/3 Divinity – since you are receiving 6% more healing through the talent). This can definitely crit.

Edit: It looks like this gives eleven ticks, not ten.

– Will not maintain the heal on someone if you move away from them. You cannot, for example, stand in melee, hit this and then run back out to range with the heal continuing to heal melee. It will hit whoever is surrounding you at the present time.

I’ll have a video demonstrating this later today, but my initial thoughts are “Uh… Okay?” I keep thinking this would have been amazing using the stupid door strat on 25-man heroic Twin Valks… But I haven’t had an opportunity to heal with it yet on beta, because the stupid random dungeon finder tool is broken. Alas.

Also, you don’t get experience beyond 83, so you can’t work towards 84 and just be capped at the end of 83. I don’t expect I’ll do a lot on Madrana (apart from instances) until they raise the level cap.

Anyways, that pesky “real life” thing beckons. I’ll finish up (and post) that video later. :)

Edit: Here’s the video!

4 Replies to “83 and Healing Hands”

  1. On first notice it doesn’t seem to heal for much. Probably enough to be useful and hit once in a while, but kinda meh. What’s your take on this?

    But hey, as long as the visual effect is cool, right? ;)

  2. Oh! I just had an idea!

    Would this make, for example, the proc on Trauma useful for healadins? Is there a limit on how many targets it can heal at once?

    Granted, this relies on procs like Trauma’s, but. Food for thought. I like it, personally.

  3. I dono, instant cast, 10 sec duration, 4 seconds of speed, and at least 8,100 healing done to kurn, and available every 30 seconds? Doesn’t sound so bad too me :)

    Especially if they do rebalance healing so we aren’t GCD starved constantly.

  4. Kaboomski – I’d like to see how it scales and how useful it is in various instances, to be honest.

    xmolder – I suppose it would make Trauma’s proc useful and I do not believe there is a limit on how many targets it can heal at once. Maybe there’s that AOE cap thing to deal with. I honestly don’t know. It’s too bad that Trauma sucks ass in terms of stats, though.

    thansal – Oh, it’s not BAD. It’s… a little underwhelming. My health is at like, 40k. Everyone’s health is so high that nothing is really healing for a lot. It’s kind of upsetting, really. :P

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