The Trek to 83

While I’ve played my paladin significantly more than my hunter while on beta, I am not quite yet 83. I have done the entirety of Hyjal (Kurn is exploring Vashj’ir and is stuck on a quest where the mobs don’t actually drop the quest items), I have successfully healed Throne of the Tides and The Stonecore and 3 of the bosses in Blackrock Caverns.

I have also quested my ass off and gotten a ton of ret gear. Naturally, I heal in instances and quest as DPS, although I’m hoping that by the time live comes around, I can more often  heal through randoms with friends than quest on the paladin. I really don’t like melee DPS.

Anyways, things are buggy on the beta. Not that I wasn’t expecting that, but for whatever reason, Art of War is bugged, so I can’t grab it. I miss my instant exorcisms. :(

Having said that, Hyjal is a great zone. I really, really enjoyed it. The Firelord, which people say is bugged (but I got it done), was an awesome quest and brought back memories for me.

The Maelstrom zone, Deepholm, reminds me of Netherstorm, only not as purpley pink. No, more of an icy blue-grey, really. And I like it a lot, so far.

If only the bug report tool weren’t bugged…! I know I can post on the forums, but I figure they know various mobs are bugged since they have code in their names. (PH for Placeholder, task ID for cleanup work and stuff.) Some of the graphical bugs are hilarious. For example:

That white sort of square-ish thing? That’s attached to the mob, with the mob at the center. And it’s intersecting with the ground around it. The mob also doesn’t actually animate at all besides gliding here and there, moving that whole white platform around with it.

It’s clear that there’s a lot of work to do on a lot of zones and I think I would be shocked if Cataclysm came out before November or late October at the earliest. Apart from all the “little” bugs, like not being able to train if you have two professions, or bears being stuck in bear form if they got copied over while in bear form, there’s still a lot of work to be done on the content itself. Then there’s all the talent/class issues that are, of course, at the core of the game.

I’m about 7 bars away from 83 and Healing Hands. The Dungeon Finder tool hasn’t worked since the latest build was implemented late Wednesday.

Back to Deepholm questing I go, I guess. :)

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  1. Hrmph, it seems that the prot tree is broken as well, I can’t get my talents to stick there either.

  2. Hmmm. with the current beta being as it is…I am surprised if it will make it before the end of 2010. But I dont think I would wait that long. Must make a worgen.

  3. Dayden – Turn off the talent preview function and see where it is that your talents aren’t being accepted. I posted about Art of War not accepting my talent points on the beta boards.

    slice – Beta is pretty borked at the moment, I know. I really do hope it’s November or sooner, though. I cannot imagine a full year of ICC. Blah.

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