15% buff is apparently active in ICC.

I think my thought process here is “seriously?! Already?! What?!”

I feel like I just got used to the 10% buff. 15% seems totally overboard.

I suppose we’ll be able to go kill heroic Sindragosa pretty easily this week, then. And probably Putricide, if we have time.

And then… LK on heroic?

No idea.

In other news, I’m trying to figure out what the hell is causing my tank to die from 44k melee attacks from heroic Sindragosa. I’m thinking parry haste hits, although I’m not sure why the tank is taking 44k hits instead of the regular 35-38k hits.

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  1. No kidding. After he died to something I believe I have now confirmed as a parry haste, this is what raid chat looked like:

  2. Ugh. He’s one of those douchebags that uses that “you fail” add-on DURING the fight?

  3. X – Oddly, I would argue that the failbot addon is not a horrible thing. I would personally have an officer run it silently and report to the officers what the issues are, but I think it’s a useful tool overall. I use the data it reports to the raid to remind the healers not to stand in bad stuff/etc. But I do think it’s obnoxious that he has it on to report in raid chat.

    R – no joke, eh?

    Kal – hahahaha, I bet you would! What I love most about that is that what killed him on that particular fight was the melee. It was a parry-hasted attack.

    [01:22:52.818] Rogue Sinister Strike Sindragosa Parry
    [01:22:52.818] Rogue hits Sindragosa Parry
    [01:22:52.833] Madrana Flash of Light MT +650
    [01:22:53.022] Sindragosa hits MT 15585 (O: 20225)

    I sent this data to the actual raid leader (who is not the one who actually is the person who has formed the raid) who thanked me, then posted on the guild forums chiding the melee for being morons and saying that ALL of the MT’s early deaths were the melee’s fault.

    Vindication is nice. But at that particular point in time, the healers were like “well wtf are we SUPPOSED to do?!” in the healer chat. I told them to relax, I’d look through the logs and for now, GS the MT on the pull. :P

  4. Well, yeah. As a progression raider, it makes sense to collect, but to spam chat with it AS it happens? Ridiculous.

  5. Hey Kurn! Got a priest/tank question for you!

    I noticed, while planning my disc tree, that Pain Suppression reduces damage taken, but also reduces the target’s threat by 5%. Now, assuming a proper group mentality (TotT/MD is a good thing, wait for 5 sunders, et cetera) that shouldn’t be a problem, but in high end raiding where some classes are pulling 9k+ DPS (or so I hear, still haven’t seen it) is that ever an issue for the tanks to have to handle? I figure by then the tanks know how to taunt, how to keep Heroic Strike macro’d, use the 969 rotation, things like that so in effect, it’s a moot point. But I’m very curious as to how tank TPS scales compared to DPS’s, erm… DPS.

  6. Also, sorry for posting that here instead of emailing you, I’m super lazy. But you should know that by now.

  7. It’s never been a problem that I can see. I’ve used (or seen PS be used) easily a hundred times as a tank cooldown and have never seen said tank lose aggro on anything. It’s been no issue to the point where, when I actually looked at the talent, I was gobsmacked that it reduces threat.

  8. That’s what I figured. I mean, I can see the application if you need to use it on someone in the raid, but I’ve never known someone to use it on anyone but the tank (then, I haven’t seen anyone use HoSalv, either) and I thought maybe it was a typo or a joke.

  9. That 15% finally helped push us into our first ever Arthas kill this past week — I think we could have succeeded if it was still 10%…but the extra 5% definitely helped. :)

    Good luck with your heroic attempts, be sure to let us know if/how the buff boost helps!

  10. Alfimi – I hear ya. When 3.0 dropped and all the bosses got nerfed, we finally got our first Archimonde kill. But we would have gotten it that week anyways, nerf or no nerf. And we all knew it, too. :)

    Thus far, the boost has helped a lot with Saurfang’s hard mode. Not so much because of the healing boost, but because of the DPS boost. It meant that we got him down with 5 marks, which makes healing just that much easier. Not quite as hax as if there were 3 holy paladins in the raid, but a lot easier.

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