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  1. Grats!

    Meanwhile, all I got was a server/faction transfer and a number of errors which resulted in people not being able to reply to my whispers or see my real name! :

  2. Hahahah, congratulations! It’s always awesome once you finally get your hands on That One Piece Of Loot. :)

  3. X – ugh! I’ve heard issues resulting from transfers lately. Where’d you go?

    Alfimi – Thank you. :D What really stuck in my craw was that my brother had it on his hunter (his “main” at the moment). A young, upstart hunter who was originally a level 19 twink. Who is now better geared than I am on Kurn. :P

    But at least we have the same bow, now, mwahahahaha.

    And the bow is just pure awesome. :D

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