And 25m heroic modes continue!

Hope everyone had a good Easter or a good Sunday, whichever applies to you. ;)

For myself, brunch with the family, followed by some horrible 3v3 arenas, followed by a nap, followed by a raid. We had cancelled on Thursday — people were sick, unable to make it, I had something come up… so we cancelled and reconvened tonight.

Heroic Blood Prince Council down.

Heroic Blood Queen Lana’thel down.

Heroic Festergut still wiped the floor with us.

Princes was actually pretty easy. “Don’t move,” is basically the key to the fight, although moving when necessary is also important. ;) Lana’thel was intense. We just clipped enrage, she killed both tanks and then we won. Princes only took two tries and BQL took three.

I don’t understand the issues behind Fester. It’s just all kinds of bad. The malleable goo is beaning people, the tanks are dying, the range are dying and basically, no one is living past two minutes or so. Time to go through the logs and make notes about healers, goo, assignments and the like. Hooray death logs?

And in other news, my brother, on his level 47 (?) paladin is about 8 bunny ears from being the Noble. This involved me running around the damn world with him, while on my mage, to port him from place to place and usually to save his fool ass from mobs trying to rip him apart. Screw Noblegarden; I did it once on Kurn and that was more than enough for me. And my brother is similarly unimpressed with the amount of farming of chocolates he had to do.

Anyways. Logs!

ETA: Oh God, the logs make me want to cry. :( People not casting, ranged not getting any heals, people ignoring Vile Gas entirely… GAH.

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  1. Grats on the two hard modes. Any phat lewtz worth mentioning?

    Hahaha. Oh, Noblegarden. I’m not sure if Al is gonna’ go for the title or not, since she already got the bunny. But you’re right, it’s pretty terrible having to farm eggs.

    :( Sounds like everyone just sort of stopped caring at Festergut?

  2. No phat lewtz that were of interest to me, no. Just some tank gear and a shammy chest, I think. (I could have gone for it, but I don’t like to ninja mail if there are shammies around.)

    Noblegarden sucks. My brother just needs a female troll now.

    re: Fester…. I don’t know if it’s that they stopped caring FOR TEN ATTEMPTS or if it’s that they were just DUMB for ten attempts. Either way, I need to beat people up.

  3. … They removed the limit on attempts per week, right? Because that’s a little ridiculous.

  4. With regards to Festergut…it’s tough! But if you want a few tips, I’m happy to see if I can help (if not, just ignore below!). I think if you have the DPS for BQL, you should be able to get fester!

    So…here is my unsolicted (and maybe unwanted) advice!:

    1) I’m not sure where you are tanking, him, but putting him on the wall furthest from the balcony putricide is on (by the skull vat thingies) gives the raid (esp melee/healers) more time to react because the goo has more travel time. We found this really helpful! Also having a ranged that can zoom their camera out and help with early “goo” calls helps too. Also, the tanks stood at max range so they didn’t have to dodge goo, unless it was right on them, and then stepped up into his body for innoculates.

    2) We put our melee/healers on the right foot in one very “I hope you are sure” pile. When goo was called for “melee” (regardless of it was a wrong call or not) they all went to the left foot, next goo back to the right, etc.

    3) We put two raid healers out in the ranged groups (one left and one right), and regardless of who had spores, everyone ran to “their” healer for Innoculates. We also tried putting a healer on the tanks, as they are rarely goo’d, and would ensure that we had one person consitantly on the tank when melee calls were made. However, they had difficulty moving up to get innoculated with the melee, so went back with the melee group. If you have a very aware healer that could pull this off, I still think it is a very solid placement for a tank healer.

    4) Healing when there is 3 stacks of gas on the ground is the most challenging time for keeping the raid alive and we frequently lost people here. Ultimately what worked was using two full time raid healers and assigning a healer to specifically help heal those people with vomit in addition to the two raid healers until Festergut has taken his first inhale (after his first inhale the raid damage is far more managable). This helped prevent gibs in the raid. The two healers at ranged also communicated very clearly if they were puked so there could be help from other healers.

    5) When the tank healers had to move (i.e. when a melee call happened) the raid healers hit the tanks with a few heals to help cover the tank until the healers were back in position. This worked fairly well.

    6) Dodging the goo is key as is not missing an innoculate. We stressed, stressed, stressed this. My mantra for the two nights we worked this was: You have three things to do for this fight 1)avoid the goo; 2) get innoculated; and 3) perform.

    7) Learning this fight does wonders for goo awarness in Putricide :)

    I hope something in there was at least remotely helpful! Good Luck with him this week (if you haven’t killed him yet!).

  5. X – I think the limits are just for end-wing bosses and for LK, so Saurfang, Putricide, BQL, Sindragosa and LK.

    Beru – thank you so much for your suggestions! We were trying something like that. We tanked him on the left side of the room, with two tank healers out (so we didn’t have to move so often) with the other healers hanging out on a foot, moving occasionally.

    The biggest problem was definitely raid healing (the ones at range, anyways) but I think the major issue here is that the healers just plain weren’t listening to what I was telling them to do. :P

    The goo was awful as well. I cannot believe how bad people are at dodging it. I am not the best at dodging goo in general, but I don’t tend to get hit by it on Fester (and very, very rarely on PP!). This made me look like a CHAMP on Fester attempts, hahahaha.

    If you don’t mind my asking, how many healers did you use on this fight? We tried with 7 (mostly because there wasn’t another DPS online at the time) and still had trouble keeping people up. The tanks were being hit for 50k with 1 or 2 inhales which seems kind of astounding, but I guess it’s heroic mode and that’s to be expected?

  6. We used 6 healers: 2 druids, 2 paladins, 1 shaman, 1 disc priest.

    The only reason I was incredibly hesitant to have tank healers at range is because if they get puked on when he is at 2 or 3 inhales, having a healer disabled on the tank for the debuff time can be catastrophic. When I weighed that against the 2-3 seconds it takes a healer to move, having them move seemed the less volatile option :)

    We had both druids on the raid, and the shaman helping with pukes before he took his first inhale. I believe that our disc priest would toss out a shield or two as well when he could. The raid healing, in my opinion, is far worse than the tank healing until that first inhale!

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