Hard modes? More like Not Facerollingly Easy Anymore Modes.

So we went into ICC tonight and attempted five different hard mode fights.

1) Lord Marrowgar. Coldflame lasts longer, bone spikes during bonestorm… I got impaled by a spike during a bonestorm AND Marrowgar came whirling my way and I died. So did another healer. And another healer had already died.

But then Marrowgar died, so all was well!

Heroic modes Attempted/Succeeded: 1/1

2) Gunship Battle. Rockets knock you back 7 yards and hit for more damage. Mages have more health. The Horde ship (or Alliance, if you’re Horde) has more health.

Okay, this was still facerollingly easy.

Heroic modes Attempted/Succeeded: 2/2

3) Deathbringer Saurfang. Has more health, likely to get more Marks of the Fallen Champion. Adds are super fast and annoying and debuff the whole raid to 20% movement speed. Will one-shot anything but a tank.

Ow, my face. We tried three times and got up to 5 Marks of the Fallen Champion and were completely unprepared for the amount of raid damage taken and the amount of blood power he generates.

Then we switched it back to normal and killed his ass.

Heroic modes Attempted/Succeeded: 2/3

4) Rotface. The addition of Vile Gas complicates things, requiring some people to remain at range. The ooze on the ground now slows/roots you. The infection now reduces healing done by 75%, not 50%.

It actually seemed to go by faster than normal mode.

Heroic modes Attempted/Succeeded: 3/4

5) Festergut. Okay, moving all the healers at once to avoid Malleable Goo is dumb and leads to tank death. Speaking of tank death, HOLY TANK DAMAGE, BATMAN.

In 1.5 seconds:

[22:24:49.497] Festergut hits MT 27196  (A: 2353)
[22:24:49.733] Madrana Holy Light MT +0 (O: 15383) (clearly this is lag on my part)
[22:24:50.476] Festergut Gastric Bloat MT 11250 (R: 1523)
[22:24:50.598] Festergut hits MT 27334
[22:24:51.039] Festergut Gaseous Blight MT 1391 (R: 251)
[22:24:51.269] MT dies

So that’s 27k + 11k + 27k  = 65k damage in 1 second. Plus another 1k damage half a second later. Yikes.

He’s still up, so we’ll go back tonight and maybe try again.

Heroic modes Attempted/Succeeded: 3/4.5 ;)

My poll over there on the right (on the main blog page) asks you what you think about heroic modes. Vote (or not) and comment here (or not), but I think it would be neat to get a discussion going about heroic modes/dungeons/raids.

4 Replies to “Hard modes? More like Not Facerollingly Easy Anymore Modes.”

  1. Grats on the progress so far.

    Holy shit re: damage on Festergut.

    Good luck when you get back to them.

  2. Deathwhisper isn’t bad on heroic at all – we had more trouble getting the Full House achievement.

    I don’t see the poll. /sadface

    Oh, Heroic Dreamwaler is awesome if you’re a raid healer.

  3. Aricelle – No, we didn’t. I’m not altogether sure why, probably because it seems to require some measure of, you know, coordination. ;)

    X – Thanks for the grats, yes, that’s a big ouch on the damage, and thanks for the well-wishes. ;) I’m not sure if we’ll go back to Festergut tonight for heroic mode. We may go to the Blood Princes. If they think we can do BQL on heroic, though, they are STUPID IN THE HEAD.

    Adgamorix – Full House does kind of suck. I think that we were specifically trying for it when we got it in January, but we’ve ONLY done it that once. I think we got lucky.

    You have to look at the front page of the site at http://kurn.apotheosis-now.com/ in order to see the poll, but I think I’m going to try to put it on specific post pages as well because I suspect most of my traffic comes from RSS feeds that link directly to new posts.

    How many healers do you use on heroic Dreamwalker, btw?

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