Just as an FYI…

Yes, I know tomorrow is April Fool’s.

No, I will not be writing any kind of jokey post. And no, I promise, this post is not an April Fool’s post, either.

No, I will not comment on the silly people who believe whatever it is Blizzard will put up this year (although, let me tell you, I totally bought into the BT attunement for a good five minutes, until I finished reading it all, by which point I was doubled over in laughter).

Basically, this post is to let you know that there’s going to be a LOT of misinformation across the board popping up, starting today and probably going through ’till Hawaii goes through the last hour of April 1. Don’t believe anything you read, from people quitting blogging or guilds merging or anything of the sort.

So, if it’s okay with you, I’ll just go sit over here and shake my head at all the gullible people believing stuff over the next day or so and stay out of the fray of insanity. Instead, I’ll just freak out about the fact that we’re going to be doing ICC25 hard modes and wondering what I ever did to Blizzard that deserves me getting to deal with Malleable Goo on Festergut and Vile Gas on Rotface in heroic modes.

4 Replies to “Just as an FYI…”

  1. Wow what a party pooper! I suppose that means you are now going to wait until AFTER the 1st to tell people you’re retiring you’re Paladin, so you can focus on your Hunter and have him ready in time for the Expansion to hit…

    Very smart on your part since I didn’t believe you when you first told me either. Either way I’m sure people will still come to this blog, to read up on your “tales of fail” regardless if you no longer are wearing plate.

  2. I’m not big on April Fools Day myself. The BT attunement was funny, but… Meh. I can’t help but think it’ll involve Hogger somehow, and I’m tired of Hogger.

    ((Also, comment 300, unless your counter doesn’t include unverified.))

  3. I’m a grumpy bitch who hates April Fools and who thinks the same jokes get really old, really fast. Thanks for not joining the madness…

  4. R – hahaha, it’s always tempting to return to DPSing, but while I gave it a great deal of thought this expansion, ultimately, I was more useful as a healer. And I felt more useful as a healer. As a DPS, I literally can’t kill something all by myself, and when we’d do some 10-man Naxx before we started raiding officially, I’d go on my hunter. And the DPS would just be SO LOW and tragic that me (and the totally broken and OP DK!) would top damage. And it’s like… I can’t kill this by myself, you guys!

    Kurn will, however, be the first to hit 85, and will likely quest/dungeon through to 85 with Whisper the Cat, not Sparky the Wolf, too. I’m looking forward to levelling and doing stupid crap on Kurn again. Sneaking around places I shouldn’t really be in is my favourite thing to do on my hunter. :D

    X – Yeah, I didn’t really care for the tinfoil hats or the bard class. :P

    Yep, 300 approved comments! Who’d have thought I’d have more than 3?

    Jen – My pleasure! :) I can respect a good April Fool’s joke, but it has to be either mind-bogglingly GOOD or mind-bogglingly funny. Most are neither and I know I can’t live up to my own standards, so I opt out.

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