Another day…

Another day goes by and my shammy is still at 69. It’s like work to level a fourth toon past 70. Work that I’m avoiding with things like HOMEWORK. Which, really, is just sad.

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  1. Pfft. Level 70 is where it starts getting easy to level. But that could be because I’ve started so many characters that I’ve only experienced BC/WotLK content a few times in the leveling process. Still, I love it.

  2. Let’s see.

    Kurn, 1-80
    Madrana, 1-80
    Mage, 1-74
    Shammy, 1-69
    Priest, 47-70
    Warrior, 53-64 (? Not sure when I started.)

    Plus beta saw Kurn from 70-73, Madrana from 70-72…

    Basically, I’ve done Borean Tundra far too many times (3.5) to believe the achievement that there’s Nothing Borin’ about Borean. And for whatever reason, I LOATHE Howling Fjord, which is where the shammy is trying to level, and I’ve only done it once on live (and maybe half of it on beta) so I hate it AND I’m unfamiliar with it.

    God, I can’t wait ’till Dragonblight…

  3. I can understand the hate for Howling Fjord. You could level in Netherstorm/Shadowmoon Valley (as boring as it is) after getting some Northrend quest rewards/green drops and bypass those zones?

  4. Emphatically not! :) I’ve done Netherstorm and most of Shadowmoon on 4 toons already. HF is the lesser of all evils, I think, sadly. I think I might have to shoot myself if I have to kill Shadowmoon Valley creatures or collect insignias ever, ever again.

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