When I first joined my new guild, I was sat out of “progression” fights, or the more difficult ones, anyways. That means Sapphiron and KT, Malygos and Sartharion with three drakes up.

The first reset, I was in for 3 wings of Naxx. The second reset, all of Naxx and Malygos. The third reset, all of Naxx, Maly and Sarth3D.

Since doing Sarth3D, my job has basically been to heal the living crap out of the tanks who are on the blazes. Also, not standing in bad shit, as per usual. Occasionally I then move to the main tank (on Sarth).

Thus far, not difficult, nothing to worry about.

Tonight, in possibly the most draining raid experience to date, I was one of two healers on the MT.

Not something I’d necessarily care to repeat, lemme tell ya. ;) I was really only on the MT due to a lack of holy or disc priests in the raid. We had one holy priest and then me for two “get out of jails”, as my raid leader puts it. Guardian Spirit and Hand of Sacrifice, which I still always want to call a blessing, combined with the tank’s leet DK cooldowns, was the plan.

Well, neither me nor the priest had ever healed the MT on Sarth3D, so we not only didn’t really know where to stand (to avoid tail lashes and breaths during lava walls) but we also weren’t sure when to blow our get out of jails. The tank whispered us to cue us to cast our abilities on the next flame breath cast we saw — which, of course, meant a focus window on Sarth.

Let me tell you… Watching:

– tank health

– own health

– chat window (for incoming whisper)

– direction of lava wall

– fissures

in addition to then watching the focus window for the next flame breath… not fun! At all! :)

I kind of jest. It was a really challenging night, since we also incorporated a few people in the fight who had never done it with us before, and me and the priest were new to our assignment, but we did get him down and we did learn where to stand and when to cast things and stuff. So it was a productive night. But I am so glad the GM opened up guild repairs from the bank because I died.. I think it was 23 times, total. I think that was over the course of 19 or 20 attempts? Like I said, it was a challenging night, which would have been a lot less so if only we’d had another holy or disc priest in the raid or had done what we normally did with the other drakes, too. I started the raid with 300 symbols of kings. I was down to 54 at the end of the night. (I was on kings for all 10 classes.)

Ultimately, thought, I kept my target up more often than I let him die and I pushed myself to the point where I actually had to take a mana potion. So it was a good night in that I was challenged and an exhausting night because I wish it hadn’t taken quite so many attempts. :)

I really do love this stupid game, 23 deaths on the night or not.

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  1. Good lord. 300 symbols? I’ve never had to carry more than 20 Arcane Powders. But then, farming T4 doesn’t usually use many reagents…

    Does this mean you’re a regular healer in 3D Sarth now? If so, congrats! Your guild is lucky to have you.

    Not actually getting to play this game sucks. I’m actually considering dropping both of my professions and starting over. :|

  2. I always carry 300 symbols of kings and 5 symbols of divinity for a raid. I get twitchy if I don’t. ;)

    I think the level 80 table requires 5 powders, no? Plus AB buffing. My mage generally has 40 powder and 20 of each kind of rune.

    I think I have a problem with reagents… haha.

    And yep, I generally get to go along to all the raids, which is nice. One thing I hadn’t considered before transferring was the possibility of being a standby healer, and I was kind of annoyed, but it allowed me to get to know the guild a bit via vent, see how things go without wiping along with them on 3D, etc. I foresee a lot of raiding in my future as long as I keep doing what I need to do. It’s very odd, though, I find my attention wandering at times in a way that NEVER happened when I was the raid leader in Apotheosis. Which is why I completely missed a lava wall in Sarth last night, but, happily, was standing in the right place at the right time to not die to my mistake, hehe.

    Oh, man, no more dropping professions! You know Kurn has been a LW since level 5? And Madrana’s been an alchemist since level 5? I don’t think I’ll ever drop either of those.

  3. Yeah, 5 powder for the table, but how many times does your raid need more than 80 biscuits a night, per person? I’m a very lightweight player, in terms of what I carry with me. I have four Frostweave bags on my mage, and I rarely have more than 20 items, not counting vendor trash that I pick up.

    I really don’t want to, but damn do I make bad choices. Herb/alch is nice if you have a guild to run with where they need flasks, but once you have your Endless potion(s) and your trinket, solo pretty much stops, profession-wise. Same with inscription, nobody needs more than one Glyph of Sunder Armor, y’know? I’m leaning towards taking Gnomish Engineering, because the jumper cables are always nice, plus the vanity pet. I don’t think I’ll ever get the Mekgineer’s Chopper since I never run dungeons. But if I do that, I’ll have to drop one of my professions until I get 450 mining, which I would want to keep so ultimately I’d lose herbalism and I don’t want to do that until I’m really really certain I’m not switching again. Gah, this is so annoying I actually made a spreadsheet of pros and cons to each profession!

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