Late-night, last-minute, unexpected run.

I logged on after the hockey game ended tonight, just to see what was up with my new guild. I guess I should stop saying “new guild”, considering I’ve been there for over a month now, but anyways.

Earlier in the day, I’d been playing with my prot set because I’m thinking that’ll be my dual spec. I’d even gone so far as to respec prot to get a good idea of all my stats. 24k health unbuffed, 22k armor, 20% dodge, 17% parry and 17% block. With 542 defense. Not too shabby for a holy paladin. I’d blown some Emblems of Valor on some upgrades (boots, necklace) and picked up some offspec gear in Naxx (shield, pants) so I was toying around with it all, and really, I’m kind of impressed.

So I logged on and I was like “haha, I’m still prot, that’s funny” and was just going about my business, pricing gems to cut and all… when a shadow priest in my guild is like “come heal 8 man Naxx?”

I laughed and responded I’d had very little sleep and was tired, but maybe next reset.

Long story short, 15 minutes of begging by a mage, the shadow priest… I ended up running to the Cathedral in SW and respeccing back to holy. Not only was it going to be 8-man Naxx, oh no. It was going to be … Undying.

I’ll tell you a secret right now. Half the reason I’m a healer is to heal my own damn self through AOE/environmental damage. I hit Alt-5 (self-cast Holy Shock) ALL the damn time. So I’m pretty good at keeping an eye on my own health and watching other people’s as well. Still, I was (and still am, as I write this) sleep-deprived, so I wasn’t sure how good I’d be,

But we got through Razuvious fine, then Gothik was okay, too, despite all these Undeads coming THROUGH THE GATE for me because I was healing Live side with Righteous Fury on to prevent a mage and the shadow priest from getting eaten? Four Horsemen? Piece of cake. And so the Military Wing was down, with zero deaths.

On we went to the Construct Quarter. Patchwerk with two healers is easy if you only have 2 tanks and no melee. :) Grobbulus went fine. Gluth was the only one that gave us any issues at all, really, because our mage kiter DCed halfway through the fight. The warrior tank taunted Gluth from the pally tank, the pally tank ran out and holy wrathed. We healed the mage, the pally, kept the warrior up… Mage came back, tank went back to tanking, mage went back to kiting, everyone lived. On to Thaddius! One person messed up on charges but thought quickly and moved away from the group before she died or killed anyone. And so the Construct Quarter went down with no deaths.

So we headed down to the Plague Quarter. Noth was decimated by our leet DPS, people knew how to dance on Heigan and since we didn’t try for Spore Loser with 8 people on an Undying attempt, Loatheb was easy. Plague Quarter done, everyone still alive.

To the Spider Wing! Anub’Rekhan down, Faerlina down, Maexxna down, never a scary moment on any of them. All four wings down, everyone still alive.

The prot pally helped to heal on Sapphiron, but again, no crazy freakout moments. It went extremely smoothly.

And so it was time for Kel’Thuzad.

A couple of moments of panic on my end — I was exhausted (and still am) and freaked out when I suddenly noticed a shadow fissure on me, but stepped out with plenty of time. Freaked out a bit when the other healer got Frost Blasted, but healed him through it. Kel’Thuzad was at 16% when all of sudden, the prot pally, who was tanking the adds, died.

Shadow Fissure spawned and she didn’t see it because of both adds she was tanking, which were standing right on it. Then I got Frost Blasted and the other healer got charged by the adds.


That was my first attempt ever at Undying, though I think the group will try again next week. It was a little bit heartbreaking because of how close we were to getting it. I was already debating whether to show the Undying or Twilight Vanquisher.

But it was a good run, I got to chat with some of my guildies in more depth than I had previously. I don’t generally do guild runs apart from raids, just because I’ve got the stupid shammy to level and RL friends on Proudmoore, so if I’m playing and not raiding and/or not making money, I’m usually over there. But there was joking, some laughter, some new nicknames, some actual getting to know each other, which was nice.

I still feel really good about my decision to move to this particular guild after Apotheosis stopped 25-mans. They’re really pretty decent people, they’re older than my old guildies, but still know how to laugh while talking about other stuff. I mean, I had a conversation with the GM about his stock portfolio and then he was asking me about my online community work.  So it was good times. Even if I didn’t get Undying, I got Dedicated Few, Subtraction and The Safety Dance. Plus some nice tanking shoulders and a decent tanking trinket, too.

A good night, even if I’m about to pass out. :)

Anonymous WWS parse, if anyone’s interested. I’m Aries.

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