I should be writing or levelling the shammy or something remotely productive.

Instead, I specced ret, grabbed my crappy ret gear out of the bank and am currently on the bird to Light’s Hope so I can go in, clear Strat Live and then go through and clear Strat Undead. The first to complete the Strat achievement, the second for a shot at the mount. And all the while, collecting scourgestones and rep for the Argent Dawn.

I like Fridays.

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  1. I love farming Strath! I don’t see the mount achievement on your list so I’m guessing you didn’t get it. :( If you want, when I get my account activated again I can help you farm it. I’ve had it drop for me a total of three times now, so I think I’m good luck or some shit.

    Also, that’s some impressive work on the 8-man Naxx! Maybe I need to get Hand of Lordaeron to get a holy pally to help heal instead of bugging the shadow priest to respec for everything…

  2. Eh, I’ve never seen the mount drop, ever, and Kurn is exalted with Argent Dawn. From running Strat and Strat Live. Madrana’s just over 1/3 of the way through revered, repping up the same way.

    At this point, it’s just a way to rep farm (I eventually want The Argent Champion on Madrana — she’s a pally, after all!) with a goal that’s other than farming rep. When I hit exalted, I won’t bother, I’m sure. But I’ll be moderately upset to get the mount if I’m not REAL close to exalted! ;)

    As to the 8-man Naxx… it really depends on the other healer. Resto druid/pally seemed to work beautifully. I imagine holy (not disc) priest would work well with a holy paladin. Resto shammy and pally, resto shammy and disc priest… I would stay away from two pallies, a pally and a disc priest, a druid and a shammy.

    For 4H (which you can do with a full 10, it’s not part of the achievement), we had the shadow priest and the tree in the back, with me healing half the front and the elemental shammy healing the other half of the front. It went very smoothly. Patch was fine, particularly as we had no melee apart from tanks.

    I do think that priests are great jack of all trade healers, though. They have a phenomenal number of tools that work very nicely for the vast majority of healing situations.

  3. That’s basically what my experience has been with priests, but I fear our guild healer is just getting burned out, and I take every chance I can to let her just do some pewpew.

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