6 Replies to “Apotheosis Opens Recruitment!”

  1. Looks fab-o, boss!

    I will see about plugging the guild on my blog, as well. If you’re free tonight, I’d like to wrap up my guide and would love your feedback and final approval on it.


  2. *cheers*

    Glad I got in at the final hour, heh. The site, and the video, looks great, and I’m very excited. Someone my age shouldn’t be saying this, but … I wish I could fast forward time!

  3. BAM!!

    Bane of the Fallen King tonight :)

    I think I prefered the LK fight pre-4.0.1 but I really did love LoD being up for every soul reaper and/or infest. I think the best moment was during vile spirits, and I got 4 EG procs in a row. Just running and healing. It was pretty surreal after playing as a caster healer for 5 years.

  4. slice – Thanks, buddy! I spent way too much time futzing with something that would let me work with the new logo that one of our members came up with. :)

    Oestrus – Glad you like it! :) Pimpage is always hot.

    Dahrla – Looking very much forward to having you join us. :)

    Osephala – I blame Hulrok for the awesome. ;)

    Rahmiel – Grats! Running and jumping while healing is definitely hilarious!

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