Weekend Update

(still without Tina Fey)

What a weekend it’s been, both for Apotheosis and myself! We’ve got new people coming over to Eldre’Thalas every week! And then there are the people who are in touch about their plans to transfer as soon as their obligations for this expansion are done.

Even though recruitment isn’t technically open (soon!) we snagged a commitment from a new shadow priest this week and, in what might be the best news in ages, someone I used to heal with at one point in Wrath is thinking about coming over here for Cataclysm! Ahem. No pressure. ;)

Recruitment will almost certainly open on Monday or Tuesday. I just need to get a couple of web-based things sorted out. Best foot forward, you know?

As for why this was a great weekend for me…

That’s right, I won the Kalu’ak fishing tournament! I did it in Howling Fjord. I hit four spawned pools around Fort Wildevar and then went south down that river and the first spawn there had it on, I think, my second or third cast. I hit Cheetah, then my hearth, then ran up to the dude in Dal and wasted about five precious seconds in trying to just complete the quest without picking a reward. >< I finally selected the Dread Pirate Ring and hit complete. BAM!

Euphie, one of my priests (he was a kick-ass healer in BC and Wrath, who is going shadow for Cataclysm), and I have been fighting over the Kalu’ak fishing tournament for a little while now. I’d been working on it on Kurn over on my last realm, but to no avail. So when I actually got the Blacktip Shark earlier this month, Euphie and I started getting a little competitive. ;) His reaction to my achievement was priceless.

:D Good times. The contest is the last thing Euphie needs for his Salty title and, after winning the content on Saturday, the last thing I needed was One That Didn’t Get Away. I’d long-ago decided (thanks to Euphie, actually) to go for the Dark Herring. Why? Well, it’s got a chance of being in any Fangtooth Herring pool in Howling Fjord, so it’s in Northrend. And any pool in Northrend has a chance at getting the Sea Turtle mount for the Turtles All the Way Down achievement.

So anyways, I did the contest and spent half the day randomly grinning about it. This left me going fishing in Howling Fjord for either the Sea Turtle or the Dark Herring.

This evening, out of nowhere:

Woot! So I got my Dark Herring and I got my Salty title. It’s not even that I particularly WANT to be “Salty Kurnmogh”, but that I like titles. I have all the world event ones required for the meta on Kurn, plus:

Knight-Captain, Jenkins, the Patient, Salty, Chef, of the Nightfall, of Stormwind, of Ironforge, of Darnassus, the Argent Champion, Champion of the Frozen Wastes… and that might be it. I don’t like duplicating titles much between Madrana (who generally gets raid titles) and Kurn, so Kurn does all the world stuff and Madrana does all the raid stuff. Mostly. :)

Anyways, I also completed a project for recruitment that will go live tomorrow or Tuesday, both here and at the Apotheosis website.

It’s definitely been a great weekend both for me and the guild. Just over six weeks until Cataclysm’s launch. So much still to do!

6 Replies to “Weekend Update”

  1. Do those of us considering rollings alts on Eldre’Thalas to hang with you and your crew every now and then count as getting “New people coming over…” love? ;)

    Congratulations on the new title! :D

  2. Congratulations on your achievements! I totally understand that feeling of finally getting something you’ve been working so hard for. :)

  3. Osephala – Thank you! :)

    Will – haha, not exactly what I meant. ;) We just had a disc priest finish up his raptor grind and faction change and server transfer in preparation for Cataclysm and I just brought Madrana back and Osephala just re-guilded her shammy with us. :)

    Alvari – thanks very much! I never thought I’d win the fishing tournament, but it seems as though transferring back to Eldre’Thalas has had a positive effect on my luck! :)

  4. @Kurn:

    I didn’t think that that was what you meant, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway. ;)

    Thanks again for graciously extending an open hand to my friend and me and giving us the okay to make Apotheosis a little vacation home, as it were. :) Schedule permitting (and once I figure out the race/class combo I want to roll there), I should be actually doing the rolling sometime next week.

  5. Congrats, Kurn! Seems that people have nothing to do on my current server – someone always gets it in less than five minutes. I think they are cheating!

    But if Euphie will be a fellow raiding shadow priest, should I be sad that you won your “contest”? Spriests have to stick together, after all.

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