Beta, beta, mobeta, bananafanafobeta…

Don’t click if you don’t want to be spoiled.

So I try to add screenies to the gallery fairly regularly. Just uploaded close to 300 of the suckers. Mostly exploring, showing Beast Lore on various animals, showing some neat zone areas, a few shots of a level 80 titan-like guy named Thrym…

Stuff to talk about:

– Crystallized Fire seems to come from Titanium Nodes (450 mining req.). This sucks because it’s needed for a quest in Borean Tundra, the west-most starting zone. Well, actually, volatile blasting powder is needed for some kind of explosive trigger, and the only material you use for that level of blasting powder is a crystallized (mote of) fire.

– Gatherer is a new enchant to gloves that gives +5 herbalism, +5 skinning AND +5 mining. No fishing, however.

–  Saronite Ore is not currently prospectable, while Cobalt Ore gives the same stuff Adamantite or Fel Iron does, without any dust.

– The Nexus is harder than Utgarde Keep, IMO. But a pally tank is nice to have. AOE would have been nicer. Volley is still the suck. ~437 per hit of it, for something like 8 seconds? It’s just bad.

– All I’ve done with my mage is buy a port to Dalaran and train enchanting so I can get to 450, and learned the enchants from the trainer.

– All I’ve done with my priest is mail my mage (aka my bank, I guess) 3300g. He’s still sitting in Shattrath and won’t have a reason to go to Dalaran for anything until I get Crystallized Fire, dammit. (He’s an engineer.)

– Dalaran actually has a flight point, BTW.

– I <3 dragons.

– Teleport to Dalaran: Level 71

– Portal to Dalaran: Level 74

– Odd that Vitality (well, Greater Vitality) to boots is trainable. As is Greater Fortitude. I wonder what sort of recipes will be drops?

– Zero new tailoring stuff. Same with Jewelcrafting.

New content uploaded regularly. New blogs whenever I have something remotely intelligent to say. Please don’t hotlink the screenshots, but feel free to link to the gallery.