Utgarde Keep – The Huntard's Experience

More beta stuff!

So, I finally got online tonight with my RL friend and another RL friend of hers. She’s a sick-in-the-face resto druid. He’s an okay (not particularly geared) shadow priest. We decided to go run Utgarde Keep, and I was going to tank on my paladin… and then one of the DPS we got was a rogue. With 4/8 T6, some other sick gear oh, and TWO WARGLAIVES. So we found another tank and I went on my hunter. Granted, I had rez sickness, had to swap pets (BTW – two extra slots in the stables!), pick up ammo in Shatt… Yeah, I was THAT huntard, the one who holds up the run because they’re a noob. Alas! :)

Anyways, it went well. It was a short instance, no wipes. We had very few problems. The warrior tank multi-tanked several times. We didn’t always sap or always trap, although I was pleased to have the opportunity to knock the rust off my leet trapping skillz. It took about 40 minutes total.  The rogue died once, but my druid friend was pleased to discover she can now rez out of combat! Revive.

The only boss who was a little challenging was the Prince guy, ’cause we get a 4 pull first and then he pulls immediately thereafter. The tank was like “okay, left side first” and I was like “I bet we get all four. Let me try and feign. Stand back, guys.”

And they did! And I was actually useful! Pulled the first mob on the left and all four came charging. Feign Death, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. 1 right there!

Anyways, it was a quick run, weird end encounter in which the last boss gets rezzed by a Valkyrie thing like Death Knights do while they’re still under Arthas’ control. Nice tie-in to the DKs.

Sadly, I replaced my Ebon Netherscale Breastplate with a piece that is:

a) leather

b) blue

c) hi, did I mention leather?

Skarbald’s Dragonskin Habergeon.

Of course, the rogue let me have it, because he has “the chest off m’uru“. At this point, it seems like most people in beta are T6ed OUT THE WAZOO. Or, at least know someone who is, like me with my druid friend. Hand of A’dals everywhere, Scarab Lords… Yeah. And Kurn is a Knight-Captain and Madrana is of The Shattered Sun.

Ah, well. Scrubs like me will be joining soon enough. :) More Blizzcon/WWI betas going out soon, I suspect, before the general populace.