Beta Screenshots

Okay folks, I have almost 700 screenshots from beta up at my gallery:

They’ve been reorganized:

Madrana – This gallery is my paladin questing or being in instances or screenshotting cast times/mana costs/talent trees and the like.

Kurnmogh – same as for Madrana, just on my hunter.

The other stuff is mostly random and is very little actual content, just a few profession things, a couple random screenshots taken on my shaman.

Planned for today (Wednesday, August 4th):

A look at instances, specifically those “OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL” moments that you will doubtlessly encounter in your journeys through Throne of the Tides, Blackrock Caverns and The Stonecore.

Obviously, this look at the first three dungeons available to us will be from my perspective of a holy paladin, but I hope for the post to be useful to all players. Understanding various mechanics is pretty key.

The one thing everything shares in common is what I consider to be the basic rule of World of Warcraft:


Just as a brief example, I was in The Stonecore on Tuesday and noticed something swirling at my feet. I stopped casting and strafed the hell out of there before a puddle of lava appeared.

You can see the gallery shot of that here.

Anyways, that’s what’s coming up.

Also, I know, I know, I’ve been lax at talking about “current content”. I will definitely get a new Holy How-To up in the next week or so, once the beta-mania has calmed down. My goal is to get Madrana to 83 ASAP (I’m already a quarter of the way through 82) so I can play with Healing Hands and report back on that.  Then I’ll feel more able to talk about Wrath content and such.

In the meantime, if you have questions concerning holy paladins or perhaps instance questions, drop a comment and I’ll try to respond to them either in the comment or in my upcoming post. :)

Welcome to everyone from World of Raids, by the way! Hope you’ll stick around. :)

2 Replies to “Beta Screenshots”

  1. Hey Kurn,
    I’ll continue living my Beta dreams through your posts :D. Do you have a feel for how long in actual game time it would take to level 80-82 (well eventually 85) :) via LFD?

    ie, for those who may decide to powerlevel a toon to 85, then go back on one of 14 gazillion alts to do the questing side of things once they new heirlooms are out.

    Or, in fact, is LFD leveling looking to be the most efficient way to level as far as you can see?


  2. Saunder – haha, I’m glad you’re enjoying the content!

    I’m not sure if they lowered the experience needed to get to 82, but I got there in a hurry on Madrana. I did a bunch of Hyjal quests and dungeon runs from 80-81, then mostly quests from 81-82. Bear in mind I was in a guild with the Fast Track (5% bonus achievement) that worked, on occasion, but was also glitched on occasion.

    I think that LFD would be a good way to level if you have your own group or 3-4 people who want to queue together. Otherwise, relying on pugs is going to make your dungeon experience hell, particularly if they don’t re-tune certain things. Right now, LFD is not efficient at all. Most dungeon groups end up breaking up after a couple of wipes on a boss or even on trash.

    Questing is always going to be a reliable way to gain XP, though. I’m quite enjoying the Hyjal quests on Madrana and Kurn would be finished with a part of Vashj’ir if not for a bugged quest at the moment.

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