On a rainy Tuesday afternoon…

Okay, the Q&A is on indefinite hiatus until such time that people start actually using the Internet again. Over two weeks, only 81 keywords brought people here and the vast majority of them are things I’ve already covered (heroic Putricide, Ruby Sanctum, Toravon…).

So on the agenda for today, uploading more beta screenshots, primarily. Maybe another post about beta. And also responding to comments and such.

I leave you with some videos I’ve made over the last few days, all from the beta.

First: the most annoying quest so far in Beta: Save the Wee Animals.

Next: Baron Geddon makes an appearance in Hyjal.

An overview of some paladin heals, in case you missed it:

How to corpse run back to Blackrock Caverns:

7 Replies to “On a rainy Tuesday afternoon…”

  1. So… Save the Wee Animals is a quest to scare squirrels? LOL That sound they make is really cracking me up… What zone is that in, btw?

  2. Tobeume – Actually, it’s to pick up scared bunnies and squirrels who run around randomly and quickly. You have to pick up 10 of them. It’s in Hyjal, near… I think it’s the Grove of Aessina.

  3. Ahaha, that corpse run video is going to be a huge help!
    I can’t even imagine trying to explain that to people. Running back to BRD is hard enough!

  4. Kal – hell, *I* got lost for 15 minutes looking for it for a while! From the south entrance (Burning Steppes), it’ll be shorter to go to the Blackrock Spire meeting stone and go through the tunnels there.

  5. Awww, and I threw up a few questions to point to your blog after last week’s post. ;^)

  6. Yup. And some of my better questions I couldn’t get you to see because even with “kurn apotheosis” at the front of them, Google wouldn’t return a link to your site. ;^)

    My favorite: “Kurn apotheosis if all the people in china jumped off a chair at the same time would the earth move out of orbit?”

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