3 Replies to “Blessing of Frost – Episode 2”

  1. Another fun listen! I wish it were longer, though – it’s over, and I’m already anticipating the next one. (I know some people have given the opposite feedback, but for me, if a podcast is good, I don’t want it to end!)

  2. Hee, loved the first one, and this is a fun one to listen to while at work (15 minutes in as we speak!) Now it’s on iTunes, I’ll have to remember to hunt it down when I get home. :D

    (I’ve also been tempted to roll a beensy alt on ET and wave hello at you guys, my guild intends on raiding eventually but we plan on enjoying the new content first. X)

  3. Tikari – I’m not sure why we came up so short, actually. We were estimating around 55m or so. We’re aiming for about an hour total every week, give or take 5 minutes. Glad you enjoyed it! We’ll have the next episode up a day early next week so that people can listen to it while they install Cata or wait in lines or whatever. :)

    Alfimi – I’m really glad you’re liking it! I’m not sure how long it takes iTunes to pick up the new episode, but you’ll always be able to snag it from the website. Ep2 isn’t showing up on iTunes yet. :) As to rolling an alt, I think that Majik would fall over laughing if we had a “fan” who actually went to such lengths to say hi. haha. :)

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