Stood in the Fire

I’ve always loved dragons. The idea of slaying them, the idea of fighting them, the idea of befriending them and riding them… all amazing things. Onyxia was the classic raid I wanted to do most because HEY! It’s killing a big freaking dragon!!

Granted, I could probably do without Malygos for the rest of my days, but I genuinely like most dragon encounters in World of Warcraft.

So the idea of Deathwing flying around Azeroth roasting things and people is amazing to me. I LOVE this idea. I also decided I wanted the achievement.

First, I found this thread on the WoW forums.

Second, I found this video that shows you where in the Wetlands the guy is standing.

At about 7:30pm on Saturday, I started hanging out at the hills by the Gnoll camp to the southwest of the windmill. (Northeast of the area in the video.) I was joined by a number of guildies. I took some breaks, slept, logged back in aaaaaaaand nothing. A variety of guildies amused me on Mumble and such or even chilled out with me.

I took time out to fill in an ICC10 heroic raid with the guild on my hunter (my paladin is saving last week’s lockout for next week, since we did 11/12 and want to down LK as a guild this last week pre-Cata), which got me the 49 rep I needed in order to get Exalted with the Ashen Verdict. After the run ended, I cut myself a couple of gems and sent them to my hunter and as I was doing so, BAM, one of my newest guildies got roasted in Andorhal in the Western Plaguelands!

I did a quick MC run with some of the guild, on my shaman, then returned to the Wetlands by about 12:45am ET (server time).

And I waited.

Tia waited with me too and I told her to park Tia there and hop on to another toon, if she wanted, and I would tell her if the sky went red.

So Tia, Darista and myself were chatting amiably in Mumble when… the sky goes red.

I had been in the process of taking a sip of Coke, which I nearly spewed in my excitement.

“TIA!” I managed to choke out.

“OH MY GOD!” she said, realizing my tone could only mean one thing.

I slammed on my Fraps record button (which, sadly, did not record my own voice!). Elapsed time from the sky going red to recording is about five seconds.

Here’s the video. You can watch it in HD on YouTube.

So, let’s see. Exalted with Ashen Verdict. Roasted by Deathwing. It’s been a productive night. :D Thanks to all the members of Apotheosis who kept me company!

Oh, and my achievement shot, which I think is hilariously appropriate…

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  1. GRATS! :D :D :D Yeah, I, like Fobok, am not that patient – especially because he torches a random zone at a random time, once a day, I believe. Or possibly just random zones at random times. There would be NO WAY to have any idea when or where he’d be coming.

    I’m just hoping I get lucky while I grind herbalism, which is what I’m doing my next day off. ;)

  2. Big congrats! You were determined to get this and showed a ton of patience. Well deserved!

    A related question: what are other in-game cases where you hope your toon dies? I’ve been trying to think of instances of this, and I guess the 10% lich king fight “wipe” is the best example.

  3. Fobok – I think I’ll probably do that with my other toons, including my paladin, but it was really nice to sort of camp out and wait for Deathwing to fry me. :D I haven’t had my heart race like that in-game for a really long time. Like, 2 months since I last killed heroic Sindragosa on 25. :)

    Apple – Thanks! Definitely not once a day, although data isn’t terribly clear. Chronis (new hunter in our guild) got roasted at 9:23pm in the Western Plaguelands and I got hit about 4.5 hours later. Wetlands seems to have a lot of sightings, but that could be just because it was an early place that he was sighted and so more people go there than anywhere else.

    Good girl, re: herbalism. ;)

    Tikari – haha, thanks buddy! I can’t really think of another example wherein I actually WANT to die, apart from LK at 10%… that’s probably partly why it’s so exciting. I felt like standing out there, arms spread, on the top of a mountain and yelling “COME AND GET ME, YOU SCALY BASTARD!!!” ;)

  4. Stood in the Fire was very cool. I got it emerging from Stromgarde Keep after whomping on Otto and Falconcrest. As soon as everything turned red, I realized what was happening, yet it was over before I knew it. It’s a shocker when it happens, even when you’re expecting it. Congratulations!

    I have to say though, I find the level of camping and angsting expressed in that thread…disturbing. Achievements are a nice way to add a little spice to the game when you’re bored, and a good way for Blizzard to keep people coming back when they might otherwise walk away from the game, but people have really taken this to the extreme.

    I apologize, I don’t mean to rain on your parade and hope I haven’t.

  5. jeffo – I’m so pleased you enjoyed getting roasted, too! Haha, most fun I’ve had in ages! The angsting is pretty lame. I knew it would be a long wait. I whined about it to the guild a few times, but I knew it would be painful. So I went into it willingly while mostly being alt-tabbed or dealing with guild stuff. :) Madrana and my other toons will have to get lucky — no way am I doing that crap again! ;) And you didn’t rain on my parade at all. :)

    Alfimi – yeah, I’ve never really wanted my toon to die so much before! haha!

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