Build 12803 Notes and Bugs

Well, Word of Glory doesn’t work properly for Holy paladins, but works fine for Retribution and Protection pallies. Eternal Glory has not been nerfed to 20% as far as I can tell, because I got four Word of Glory heals in a row before losing my three-stack of Holy Power as ret.

There’s a new animation for Light of Dawn, which I’ll take a proper movie of tomorrow. The sound is the same, the healing is the same (lacklustre). Holy Radiance is exactly the same as Healing Hands in terms of sound, animation and healing done.

But the most hilarious thing about this build is that Crusader Aura is totally bugged out.

I’m still chuckling.

5 Replies to “Build 12803 Notes and Bugs”

  1. Thanks for you videos! That looks like so much fun!!!

    Does divine Light have it’s own animation yet? I heard that it shares the same animation as holy light/ flash of light. That’s just sad if three spells have the same animation.

  2. Wasselin – It amused me greatly, haha, thought I’d share. :)

    Divine Light is the same as HL and FoL, sadly. :/

  3. Haha, that may be the coolest bug I’ve ever seen :)

    Let us know when you put up a video of the new Light of Dawn animation, ok? I really liked that they used the Sonic Horn animation for it, so I hope the new one isn’t all that bad either.

  4. Kaboomski – I love bugs that actually work in our favour…

    Any new videos will be posted here once they’re accessible on YouTube. The new one… I don’t know if I like the new LOD animation or not, to be honest. Kind of meh, at least in showing the range, IMHO.

  5. Wow! I got a glimpse of the new Light of Dawn graphic and I have to say I don’t like it. It looks really chintzy. I can’t believe that’s the final product.

    It also has the same problem as cone of cold for blood elf males, where they aim it at the ground before moving their hand out.

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