New Light of Dawn Animation (Build 12803)

As promised, here’s a look at the new Light of Dawn animation from build 12803.

Personally, I’m not really a fan. What do you think?

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  1. Doesn’t look like a thirty yard cone to me. I get that they’re trying to make it more “oh hey, healing light.” But man that is 1) dull, 2) well, it looks like a giant flashlight.

    I prefer the Sonic Horn animation much more. This doesn’t show the range of the ability at all.

  2. It just isn’t enough. It’s too small and the effect isn’t bright enough.

    It looks like it veers to the left for you because of the female human casting animation. For Blood elf males it starts facing down and they raise it up to the right level, which looks especially bad.

    It certainly doesn’t fully effect it’s thirty yard range at all. It looks barely bigger than cone of cold. Overall I am very disappointed.

  3. Alright. This may not be the case since Kurn’s graphic settings are low, but compare:

    Beacon of Light


    New Light of Dawn

    I’d imagine the pinkness is because Dalaran is naturally pink and Stormwind has a blue tint, but they share the same spell textures.

  4. Walks – You’ve got your links mixed up (your BOL links to my LOD and vice versa) but I see what you’re saying. And actually, my spell details were maxed for that demo, which is pretty darn sad.

    I think you’re on to something in that it looks very similar, though.

    Wasselin – I completely agree that it’s disappointing! I wrote feedback on the beta forums. Hopefully that’ll be taken into consideration.

  5. Wow Walks you are correct! It really is just beacon of light turned sideways. No wonder it looks so faded and strange, it’s being stretched way bigger than it is supposed. This make me really really hope that it’s just a place holder.

  6. My question would be: why?

    I mean, they already had a placeholder and it even looked pretty cool, matched the range pretty well etc. etc.

    Why replace it with such a crappy what I hope is just a placeholder?

  7. Wasselin – Walks is da man!

    Kaboomski – Well, since the last animation was really just the Sonic effect from the motorcycles in Ulduar’s Flame Leviathan event, I can understand why they’d want something more “light of dawn”ish. I hope it’s a placeholder, too.

    Enlynn – agreed! If it’s not still a WIP, I may cry. It HAS to be, though, since it’s linked to the caster’s hand.

  8. All I can think of is those horror movies where there’s a guard walking around a dark museum all alone with just a flash light – walking very slowly to his doom…

    So yeah… I hope that gets changed… LOL

  9. I suppose the nagging question is: does the new spell effect act as a flashlight in dark areas? Quick! To Duskwood! “I’m in ur cavez, usin ur lit o dawn”

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