Busy! Productive!

Monday morning, I woke up and promptly recorded Episode Five of Blessing of Frost with Majik, which I need to edit after I do this post.

Then, I went out to meet Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon for coffee. She was in the area visiting friends and was kind enough to ask me if I wanted to hang out, so we settled on Monday afternoon. 48 minutes after I finished the podcast with Majik, I arrived at the coffee shop and just a couple of minutes later, Ophelie arrived.

We had a great chat — from Canada and Quebec and Newfoundland to TV shows, from holy paladin mechanics to guild stuff, from Matticus and Conquest to Oestrus and Apotheosis. ;) It was a good time!

FOUR hours later, I realized I needed to get going, so I hauled ass and got home in time for my officer meeting which lasted over two and a half hours. It’s our first of the expansion and we got ALL the EPGP crap ironed out by virtue of doing a random regular, which ended up being Stonecore. And we played with the loot mods through the instance.

I’m shocked that it took Daey almost two hours to make the “Why don’t we just frigging /roll for loot?” suggestion that he’s basically famous for. (He suggests it multiple times EVERY expansion and gets shot down… every single time.) I bust out laughing at it, though. It felt like I was home.

So we finished up with EPGP – decided what loot mods to use, precisely, worked out the figures for EP awards and then, the most miraculous thing happened.

Dar actually said she’d update the EPGP post on the forums (which basically had how we do loot organized, but very out of date and not complete — lacking details that we had JUST hammered out tonight).

I nearly fell over in shock. One of my officers. Volunteered. To write an official post on the guild forums. Why I didn’t make Dar an officer during Wrath, I don’t know, but I’m sure as hell glad she threw her name in the hat for Cataclysm!

So she updated and edited my original post, created a new thread, which I just added a couple of things to, then replied to and gave a couple of additional details on standby and such… and that was it for all the EPGP stuff! Ecstasy!

I’ve gone another check of the people who weren’t QUITE up to snuff on my weekend check and written to them, reminding them of what they’re missing. Mostly it’s just enchants that are lacking. I think almost everyone is at the appropriate ilvl of gear we’re requiring (338+) and the ones who are lacking enchants, I put on standby as a temporary measure to remind myself to check their missing enchants before I invite them to the raid tomorrow.


The plan:

If we have Tol Barad, Baradin Hold to start with.

Then, Magmaw in Blackwing Descent. If the big worm dies, we go to Omnotron. If Omnotron goes down as well, it’s off to play with Halfus in Bastion of Twilight!

Why those bosses? We have experience, albeit limited, with all of those bosses, so the learning curve won’t be terribly steep. Hopefully.

Anyways, it’s 4:14am and I need to edit Blessing of Frost before I try to get some sleep and then write more stuff on the guild forums. Busy day on Tuesday!

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  1. Yay :) I subscribed to your podcast a while ago. Good to hear there’s another episode. How do you record your show btw? I’m trying to make mine sound better and I think recording over TS is just not cutting it.

  2. Sil – Glad you enjoy the show! And yeah, the holidays threw a bit of a wrench in our release plans.

    When the time comes to record, I start up a local Mumble server on my own computer. Majik and our guest connect to my computer and I record through Mumble’s latest version. Then I use Audacity to paste everything together. :)

    Freaking 5:36am and I’m listening to myself complaining to Majik. Eesh.

  3. Uh oh. You two were comparing notes about me. That can’t be good! No, in all honesty Ophelie sounds like an amazing person and I really enjoyed the chat I had with her over Skype and the discourse we have had through our blogs and such. I’m really glad you had a good time!

    I don’t care where we go at this point, I’m just glad we’re raiding. WTB!

  4. good luck in the raiding! Get them purples!

    Bastion of Twilight I have heard, is dropping more purples then normal. I know a friend of mines guild has been farming trash till other people get geared up.

    2 Canadians get together, trouble to follow :P

  5. I felt that yesterday was very productive as well! The whole weekend, actually, but the officer meeting went smashingly well, in my opinion. I definitely laughed at Daey’s comment in /o about rolling on loot, too … *sigh* :P

    As you well know, I love getting to know my addons, what they do and CAN do, which ones do what, but with having all three EPGP addons installed … it was hard to tell which one did what. I’m glad we took the extra time to play with them in a dungeon (and get Dayden some XP and loot on his Shaman!) so we better understood them, were able to figure out which one we didn’t need, and be better prepared for the raid tonight. (And you’re welcome for editing the post!)

    Yay for productive nights! Let’s hope it continues tonight with boss kills! :)

  6. My New Year’s resolution was to be more productive and I squeezed a whole hell of a lot into my day, too. Must have been that kind of day! Hopefully I can keep the trend of, because Lord knows I have other things to do, too!

    I started sweeping my loft and I have to rinse out a slew of soda cans I have piling up in my sink and then I want to buy a new shower curtain, re-arrange the furniture in my room, do laundry and make a meat loaf somewhere in there.

    Ah, the joys of being domestic!

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