New Blessing of Frost episode!

Just uploaded the newest episode of Blessing of Frost (Episode 5!) and it should now be available for you to listen to or download from the website:

Just me and Maj this week, but tune in anyways. We’re moderately amusing. ;)

Bedtme for me after having been up for about 21 hours. Gotta love being a GM at this point in time, eh? ;)

3 Replies to “New Blessing of Frost episode!”

  1. I have horrible green bracers, too! I did manage to get some 318s in Twilight Highlands. I’m glad it’s not just me.

  2. Regarding flight path issues to/from Uldum:

    “There is no flightpath directly from Ramkahen to Gadgetzan in Tanaris, so if your character has not picked up the Horde Dawnrise Expedition or Alliance Gunstan’s Dig flightpoint in Tanaris yet you may want to do it before starting the Uldum introduction questline.”

    Those minor flight points are in the far south end of Tanaris.

  3. AliPally – All plate wearers. It’s awful!

    Joe Ego – Yup, found that out a couple of weeks ago. But thanks for the link! :)

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