Day 01 – Introduce Yourself

So I read over at Dwarven Battle Medic that Fannon is taking part in a blogging challenge that Saga of Spellbound came up with. I know I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, what with all kinds of other WoW obligations and some RL obligations too, so I figured at least this will get me to post daily. :)

Day 01 – Introduce Yourself

Hi, my name is Kurnmogh, but you can (and should) call me Kurn. Please do not call me Madrana, even though that’s the character I play on more often than not, nor any derivations thereof. Kurn is just fine, please and thank you.

I’m a female 30-something-year-old Montrealer who has been playing WoW since before I was in my 30s. I’m finishing up a sociology degree from a university here in Montreal and I do some contract work to do with web stuff, both design/coding and the online community aspect.

I’m the guild master and healing lead of Apotheosis, an Alliance raiding guild on the Eldre’Thalas (US) server and spend a lot of time healing in raids as a holy paladin. I still love my hunter to bits and pieces, though, but I realized at the start of Wrath that being a DPS doesn’t satisfy me the way playing a healer does.

I love to write in my spare time. Does this surprise the frequent visitors out there? I think I’m pretty much known for my absolutely epic-length posts (both blog and forum variety) possibly more than I am known for any paladin expertise I may hold. Sadly, I don’t get to do this as much as I’d like to, due to the aforementioned “guild master” title, but I am definitely a writer at heart.

I also watch a stupid amount of television, usually not at the same time as it actually airs. Current shows I’m watching weekly include, but are not limited to: Castle, How I Met Your Mother (a guild favourite!), V, Glee, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, 30 Rock, Survivor: Redemption Island and I occasionally keep an eye on House and Desperate Housewives. I just finished watching Season 1 of Community and am trying to catch up on Season 2. I also catch as many Montreal Canadiens hockey games as possible, which is probably about 35% or so of them, primarily because they play a LOT of games on raid nights.

Anyways, I guess that’s sufficient for now! Much more and there won’t be a lot left for the next 19 days! :)

Tomorrow – Why you Decided to Start a Blog

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  1. She’s lying. She really prefers to be called Mad, but it makes her feel silly to ask people to use that name. If her blogs or guides have ever helped you, please, be kind, call her Mad.

  2. Ooooh, what fun, what fun indeed! Not that I didn’t already know all of that about you (HIMYM FTW!) … can’t wait to see what the next 19 days bring! I should try and do this, too.

  3. This is going to be short and simple.

    Do not say or write “anyways” — not ever. The word is “anyway.”

    The form “anyways” is found in some dialects in the United States, but it is not standard English, and it should never be used in any situation where you want to be considered reasonably well educated.

    That’s all there is to it.


  4. X – Look up the strat for heroic Valiona & Theralion. Twilight Realm. All the fired healers will see you there. ;)

    Darista – Glad you’re looking forward to the next 19 days! I’m glad you’re going to try to participate, too!

    Ted – While I appreciate the correction to my grammar, I have to be honest with you; while I take a fair amount of pride in my writing in general, my blog is a very informal place for me to write. “Anyways” is something that is said commonly, albeit informally, in this pocket of English on the island of Montreal and in my family. I don’t use it in academic papers or in presentations, nor with my business contacts, because I do know that “anyway” is the proper use of the word. Honestly, I still occasionally say “close the lights” due to my French-Canadian background, which is a direct translation from the French phrase “ferme les lumières”.

    Should I refrain from using “gotta” or “wanna” or “hafta”? Should I prevent these bits of my personality from leaking out through my casual writing on my blog? I don’t think so. I quite enjoy writing the way I speak for once, as opposed to writing things like this:

    “Advertising has come to appropriate the rhetoric and language of anti-consumerism by recognizing various stereotypes that exist when dealing with corporations and incorporating them into advertisements.”

    I use emoticons at the end of my sentences regularly, for crying out loud. “Anyways” is probably one of the least offensive grammatical errors you’ll find in my writing. I start sentences with “but” and “and”. I’m sure I tend to shift tenses when I’m retelling a story.

    As I said before, I do appreciate the correction to my grammar, as you were under the impression I was unaware of the correct usage of “anyway” and I presume you merely meant to educate me regarding its use. As explained, however, I was absolutely aware and I will continue to use it (and other instances of informal language) on occasion, both in speech and writing, in informal settings, including this blog. If this troubles you, I’m quite certain there are many other English-language bloggers out there for you to educate.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. It’s so great seeing more people starting this challenge. It’s a lot of fun to read what people have to say :)

    I really enjoy most of the shows you listed, though I watch House regularly rather than once in a while. (Hugh Laurie <3) Like you I will generally watch them after they air, I just have a difficult time keeping to the tv schedule (I blame raids).

    Looking forward to the other days :)

  6. Hey, I’ve always wanted to go to the Twilight Realm! Since I never did get than Halion kill…

  7. Thanks for the link, Kurn, and I’m glad that you’re doing this challenge! Your blog has been much quieter of late than your fans would like, and it will be nice to hear from you again more often!

    Was it just me, or did writing that intro post feel like getting up in front of an AA meeting? “My name is Fannon and I have a blogging problem.” :)

  8. Saga – I’m just hoping I’ll last all 20 days, but this definitely seems like a fun venture. :) Thanks for starting it and for stopping by. :)

    As to House, I’ll probably go 2-3 weeks without watching and then catch up. It’s not a priority, but I do enjoy it. I have a rough time keeping up with the schedule, too, and I ALSO blame raids, haha!

    X – The point, I believe you are missing it. ;)

    Fannon – Well, I couldn’t very well talk about how I’m doing a challenge without linking to the blog that inspired me to do it, now could I? :) I really do feel badly… well, not BADLY, but I feel uncomfortable that I haven’t been posting much of late.

    The intro post was a little awkward for sure! I’ve never been good at introductions and the like. I think Day 8’s “10 things we don’t know about you” is going to be the most challenging thing for me, though. I’m already dreading it!

  9. Nah, I get the point. But I’m seeing the bright side to it! Achievements! Bragging rights! More work for the healers! ;)

  10. X – I’ll keep you in mind for the Twilight Realm. ;)

    Beez – hahaha, if Colwyn can do it, so can you! ;D

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