Day 02 – Why You Decided to Start a Blog

This post is part of Saga’s 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge!

Day 02 – Why You Decided to Start a Blog

I’ve been keeping blogs and journals since, well, I think it was probably 1998 or 1999. That was back before Blogger even really existed. My first blog was hosted on my own personal website and it was something I updated manually. Yup, designed it myself, coded it myself and wrote all the content into the HTML code. Having a blog was nothing new to me when I first installed WordPress here and made Kurn’s Corner. (Hilariously, my very first post was dated April 4th, 2008. More on that on day 9!)

So I started one because it was easy for me to do so. I had the web hosting for the Apotheosis site already and I made the subdomain for myself and installed WordPress.

What was I going to write about? Primarily, at the time, I wanted to write to educate people. When I started writing, we were about six or seven months out from the release of Wrath of the Lich King. I was getting frustrated, so very frustrated, by the idiocy of people I would encounter. I’m not talking about my guildies or my friends, but just the random people I’d bump into who were clearly doing it “wrong”.

I like to do things well. If I can’t do something well, I don’t like to do it. (Doesn’t mean I won’t, but I will always try to do it to the best of my ability.) So when I see other people trying to do something I know how to do well and I see they’re NOT doing it well, it drives me a bit nuts.

My second post on this blog was about jewelcrafting and explaining how to get all the different cuts. It was about educating people and telling people that an orange counts as both a red AND a yellow and that metas need to be activated.

Looking back over my first posts, though, I spend a lot of time talking about Apotheosis and Lady Vashj and then pally stuff.

Really, my blog’s purpose hasn’t substantially changed since I started it. I really started it to educate people and I like to think I’m still doing that. I quickly started to use it as a place to talk about what I was doing in-game. I’m definitely still doing that. :) I also used it as a place to ponder aloud about paladin stuff. Pretty sure I’m still doing that, too! If anything, my blog has brought in more paladin stuff over the last year, which is good, since it ties in with the educational slant.

I guess the short answer to this is that I started a blog to educate people and to give myself a platform to talk about stuff in the game that’s important to me and just to chatter a bit about what I’m up to in the game and because it was easy for me to do.

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