Day 18 – Your Favourite Outfit

This post is part of Saga’s 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge!

I have two favourite outfits.

The first is the Beastmaster Armor set. I worked so hard for that stupid Tier 0.5 quest chain and it took me forever, FOREVER, to get the Beaststalker’s Chest, which was the last piece I needed for the quest chain. I don’t even particularly like the look (although the shoulders are pretty iconic) but that 8/8 just means so much to me.

And the other is the Lightforge Armor set. Though I never really used most of it to heal, I wore it whenever I wasn’t actively healing. Just putting on the shoulders made me feel like a “real” paladin. And it goes so well with the Stormpike tabard!

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3 Replies to “Day 18 – Your Favourite Outfit”

  1. Similar situation here.

    My “town set” and the gear I always wear when logging out is my Darkmantle complete set – the dungeon set 2 (or tier .75 as some call it). As you mentioned, it was a pain to gather some of the pieces, and the questline for everything was pretty epic and long. Something like 30 quests total. (Darn you, Baron Rivendare for the leggings… and your Deathcharger!) /fist

    This is not only the nostalgia talking, but I much prefer most of the sets from Vanilla than the TBC/WotLK/Cataclysm ones. At least, the rogue ones.

    Me being a proud Forsaken rogue, the Darkmantle set has that very rogue’ish style to me. Plus, the color scheme matches perfectly the Undercity tabard!

    My second favorite is the obvious Bloodfang set. Another well designed one.

  2. Rholm – Darkmantle and Bloodfang both look kick-ass. I can’t blame you for logging out in those! :D I sometimes wish Beastmaster looked a bit better, but I really do love how shiny Lightforge is. I didn’t do the T0.5 chain on my paladin because I HATED how the armor was PURPLE. From this awesome gold/yellow to PURPLE? Ugh. :)

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