Day 19 – In Your Bags/Bank

This post is part of Saga’s 20 Days of WoW Blogging Challenge!

Oh, God. If there’s one thing more cluttered than my UI, it’s my bags and my bank. Click on the images for much larger versions.

First up is Kurn’s bags and bank.

And now Madrana’s.

Feel free to ask me any questions about any item you see, haha. Most of the things in my banks have long, storied histories. The stuff in my bags is stuff I want that’s easily accessible, mostly. In the case of Madrana’s bags, this includes my laughable ret gear and my laughable tank gear.

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5 Replies to “Day 19 – In Your Bags/Bank”

  1. I very much recognize myself while looking at the screenshots.

    My alternate characters bags/bank are OK. They are not a complete mess and there’s room for when I farm or quest.

    My main character is a different story. I have exactly 12 slots free – and that is having 22 or 24 slots bags on self and bank. All filled with mementos, rare items or even gray items simply because I love their name or their tool tip. I mean, can you really get rid of the Tiny Voodoo Mask trinket from Z’A (3 voodoo gnomes zapping your enemy)? Or Defender of the Timbermaw? Or my pet rock! Or that Teebu’s Blazing Longsword and Argent Defender (dual-wielding light sabers – oh yeah!)? And that other super cool… You get the idea.

    It was a relief when they added that feature for the companions and mounts. They were taking a huge amount of space! Now please do the same with tabards so I can gather even more items kk?

    – Rholm

  2. Is that Terrok’s Quill in Kurn’s Bag (middle bottom bag, upper right slot)? If it is I’m sooooo incredibly jealous that you were more thoughtful than I and kept it all this time. I on the other hand can never go back and get it again since I sold mine to the vendor. (Wonder if a GM might be nice enough, given our recent track record with GMs, to restore it for me…)

    PS – gotta love stopping at a McDonald’s on the tail end of a 14hour drive and using wifi to read your Guild Leaders blog =P

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