Episode 2 of The Kurncast

And here it is, Episode 2 of The Kurncast!

I’m going to give it at least one more week, so chime in, let me know if you’re enjoying it or not!

Also, I need your feedback: what should my new WoW-related goal be after I get tailoring to 600? (There are some rules I mention in the podcast when it comes to suggestions, so please do bear those in mind!)

As I mention in the podcast, keep your eyes on my guide site for some newish content this coming week (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at the latest!) and please do send me your feedback with regards to what you’d like to see in my forthcoming guide to being a Kick-Ass Raid Leader. :)

Thanks so much for all the tweets, retweets and pimp-outs! I tremendously appreciate your support. :)

(PS: Episode 1 is thataway.)

2 Replies to “Episode 2 of The Kurncast”

  1. Have you considered Proving Grounds or Challenge Modes? Just started to get Bronze. Hoping to finish gold before 6.0. A lot of fun so far.

  2. Stirfrypanda – Excellent question. I’ve gotten to Gold Proving Grounds on my hunter and almost hit Gold on my holy paladin shortly after dinging 90. I wasn’t even in all 463 gear! haha! Hitting gold on the paladin is definitely a goal of mine, but I feel as though I need to spend more time on her in general before I take another whack at it. I’m terribly rusty. I’m also trying not to consult any guides and such because half the fun for me is learning it on my own. While it’s a bit frustrating (DPS standing in bad…), something to aim for!

    Challenge Modes are interesting to me to an extent. They’re interesting because my favourite quest in Vanilla was the 45m Strat UD run. I can still remember each and every pull in the whole instance. :D

    However, the fact that they came out so long ago means that there are generally accepted ways of doing things, including using invisibility potions to skip mobs, etc, etc. For me, half the fun, again, was figuring it out on my own. Doing a CM dungeon means using the resources out there or dooming the group to a lot of trial and error that, honestly, has already been done by other people.

    The perfectionist in me wants to use those resources, but the puzzle-solver in me doesn’t.

    Plus, it requires a group. That means scheduling time, etc, etc. Chances are, no one I want to do a CM dungeon with wants to do one at 3am ET. And there aren’t that many people I WANT to do a CM dungeon with anyhow. ;)

    Awesome suggestions, though — I hadn’t thought about proving grounds in a bit. :)

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