3.3 gets the thumbs-up from me thus far, even if I have yet to get loot from the end of Halls of Reflection yet.

That’s okay, though. I got Orca-Hunter’s Harpoon from Halls of Reflection (the beginning) and Felglacier Bolter from Ick in the Pit of Saron.

1) FINALLY, I have replaced the stupid Staff of Trickery, which I have been using since shortly after 3.1 launched (I guess?).

2) I HAVE A BOW AGAIN. Okay. It’s a crossbow. But that’s okay. I don’t have these stupid explosions in my ear while playing my hunter again!

Also, I win at this game.

There we were, my heroic Pit of Saron group from earlier this morning.

Everyone died.

Except me.

I think they were standing in poison and crap. But anyways.

They were like “omg kite!”

And I did. I kited Ick all the way over towards the enclave where Jaina and the freed slaves are. My pet had long-since died, but Explosive Shot and Kill Shot and Disengage are for the win.

After what was surely only about 15 seconds of kiting, Ick was down, but for me, it was all kinds of epic. And my group was cheering. “YOU RULE!” “THAT WAS AWESOME!” “OMG YOU’RE NOT A HUNTARD!” and such.

I feel huntastic today.