Helping out some friends…

When I was getting Apotheosis together, one of the things I kept hearing over and over was “you are passionate about your guild, you can tell from your posts about it!”

I’m definitely invested in and passionate about Apotheosis. What good GM wouldn’t be invested in and passionate about their guild?

Before I restarted Apotheosis and after I spent 10 months being abused by a jackass of a GM/RL/MT… I joined Choice of Skywall.

It was exactly what I needed at the time. I knew I didn’t want to be done raiding before the expansion came out, so I joined them in June of last year. It was strictly a temporary thing — I made it clear in my application that I was only there until 4.0 dropped or slightly after. Definitely gone by the time Cataclysm launched.

These people embraced me. They knew I was a player who was more advanced (I was 11/12 25-man in heroic ICC and I had my drake) than they were but I was careful not to be too bossy (well, mostly!) and I LOVED being just a cog in the machine and doing what they needed me to do.

I don’t normally talk too specifically about people on my blog, but the GM of Choice, Fugara, is far and away the best GM I could have ever had. She’s the reason why I joined Choice over this other guild on Hyjal. I cannot say enough good things about Fug. Go read my Day 13 post about people I admire for more about why Fug is awesome.

Choice is made up of more than just Fug, though. Beez, whom you may have seen posting comments here, now and again, is a great tank and was just promoted to tank officer. He’s solid, knows his stuff and is a nice guy, to boot. I had good times healing him both in-game and in the Cataclysm beta. :)

Geng… is one kick-ass arcane mage. Of all the DPS in Choice, Geng is one I miss a lot! His exceptional play, his hilarious stories and him accidentally keying into Vent while bitching at someone who was sitting on his car (or, alternately, had done something bad regarding something to do with the March of Dimes) has to be heard to be believed. You just sit there and pray Geng never gets that pissed off at you. ;) He’s a great guy and a great player. He ALWAYS had my back when I had the Unbound Plague on heroic Putricide. The downside? He’s a gnome. But he’s awesome. I love Geng and I miss him bunches.

The warlocks were pretty awesome, all of them. Sanevink’s a good player, he’s polite, nice. Daemyn’s a competitive one and she’s fun to be around. Jorik, who is now playing a DK named Forek, was similarly polite and nice and we’ve chatted some since I’ve left. Good people, all of them.

Thornstar is a great moonkin who’ll pitch in to heal if needed. Hell, he pitched in to tank sometimes, too. Great team player, great guy.

Shamownia… with his deep voice and usually inappropriate comments, I would get a case of the giggles pretty frequently. He made raids fun. Excellent player as well.

Mylana was a rogue and he now plays his holy paladin for the guild. Mylana’s a great player with a lot of attention to detail and he has sucked it up and switched to his paladin for the guild, without being asked to or anything. Very nice guy, very good player and hopefully following in the grand tradition of, well, me and Walks.

Speaking of healers, Fugara is, of course, an excellent healer, but the others who are still there from when I was include Yggdrasil (officer/healing lead, whose dulcet tones can relax you oh so well!) who is a kick-ass resto druid and Vvtra who’s a great resto shaman as well.

Yeah, four healers are still there from when I was. Turnover sucks, but it happens. That is a solid core and they need more healers. I’m trying to level another paladin to try to help out on my offnights, but they need help NOW.

They’re 11/12 25-man (just need Al’Akir) and have done 12/12 on 10, so they know the fight, they just need the reliable people, especially healers!

These people embraced me when I was bitter, jaded and pretty close to quitting the game for a time. They made me feel wanted and useful, they forgave my BOPping Bonsey the bear instead of LOHing him on heroic Festergut during my very first raid with them and they’re just a really good bunch of people who could use a couple of solid healers. (But also some DPS.)

So if you’re not happy with your guild situation, please, please, please check out Choice of Skywall. They’re an Alliance guild who raid from 9pm-12am ET on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. They’re 11/12 on 25 and do loot via EPGP. They have amazing leadership and a fantastic GM.

Give them a shot. Tell them Kurn (or Madrana, I suppose!) sent you. :)

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  1. I love you! I never expect these posts when you do them, they make me tear every time! BABY COME BACK! lol ::ducks from Apotheosis folks:: You guys have no idea how much she loves you!

  2. Madrana has taught me at least half of what I know now about Holy Paladins. The other half probably from experience and EJ. I may not quite be up to her level (yet), but I am damn well trying and putting forth as much effort as humanly possible to keep people from dying (except Vampyrr, he enjoys the floor buff).

    Besides her and Colwyn (now Nowell), Choice has had barely any consistent and skilled Holy Paladins, and that’s partly why I main changed. I was just getting tired of Holy Pallies coming in and then a month later going out, all without so much as a ‘Thanks for the free loot, suckers.’

    So seeing as how healers are (and still are) in high demand around here and we were good on melee, I sucked it up, dropped my beloved Rogue for a Holy Pally and hopefully it’ll work out. While I do love my pally, I do hope to one day return to playing my Rogue as she is one of my first since 2005 and will always be my true main. Until then, I can just hope that we can get some skilled healers I’d feel comfortable leaving my spot to or we can clone Madrana using excess amounts of alcohol, smooth jazz and sensual candles… I mean, cloning vats.

    You’ve truly been an inspiration and a friend, Madrana. Thank you.

  3. D’aww, a tearjerker indeed! It’s no lie that we do miss you over here on the skylawl, but you got a good thing goin over there with your revitalized guild and this post is more than we could ever ask of you! Your kind words are much appreciated and will definately echo through our forums/vent/gchat. Thank you!

  4. I cannot express how honored I am to receive such praise from such a great person. As a WoW lifer, in 6 years, ive met many players but very few like you. It has been my pleasure raiding with you and you are greatly missed. I know your guild is truely blessed to have you. If you ever need a few words (or some inspirational ass kicking) or just wanna shoot the breeze, please come see me. I would really welcome that. Miss u,hun

  5. Mylana – aw man, you’re too kind. I just showed up and did my job and yammered on about it to whoever was silly enough to ask about it. ;D You’re the one everyone should be thanking — it’s not easy to change mains, even if it’s for the betterment of the guild/raid team. My hat is off to you, sir, and my PM box is always open to you. When it’s not full, that is. ;D

    Beez – I miss having your back! <3

    Cyber – I know we didn’t talk too much while I was there since you weren’t actively raiding, so I really appreciate this comment. Thank you so much! :)

    Geng – Aw, don’t you make me tear up now, you silly gnome! :’) Raiding with you was a pleasure and an honour and I regret that I only heard about the yelling at the dude on your car through stories and legends, haha! I’ll try to pop on to Skywall more often for sure. I miss you people! <3

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