Heroic Lich King.

Ow, ow, ow, ow. Seeing my tanks get hit for for 65k is not fun. Well, okay, it’s moderately amusing because it’s like, HOLY CRAP, 65k! But anyways.

We pulled Lich King on heroic 25m for the first time last night. And will spend another nearly-three hours on it tonight, I would imagine.

The first thing you all should know about LK heroic 25m is this.

That’s right. 103,151,168 health. Remember the days when Ragnaros had the most health of any mob in the game and it was “just” 1,099,230? So heroic LK on 25 has ONE HUNDRED TIMES the health that Rag did.

Just to put that into perspective for you.

Once I recovered from that shock, it was time to learn a new strategy for Phase 1.

On heroic, Shadow Traps will target a player and take a few seconds to spawn. Anyone on the shadow trap when it spawns (and 10y around them) will take about 20k damage and, if they’re still in the vicinity and alive, will then be blown backwards off the ledge, basically, and die. The Shadow Traps do not go away immediately after they spawn, either. (They do vanish if someone trips one.)

So what we did was split the raid into three groups.

Group 1: Melee and tanks. Melee starts the encounter halfway up the steps to prevent getting initial aggro on Arthas. This group stays in the middle third of the platform.

Group 2: Ranged and healers. We split them up half and half, basically. Group 2 stands to the LEFT of the stairs as you face them. They stay on the left third of the platform.

Group 3: Same as group 2, except on the RIGHT of the stairs as you face them.

As each group gets a Shadow Trap, they strafe 10-15 yards out, staying grouped up. By “out”, I mean “north”, towards where you enter the LK’s area. This can occasionally cause range issues if, say, melee has had four shadow traps in a row and Group 2 has had 0, so the healers need to move ahead to stay in range of the melee, but then the ranged have to go WITH them because otherwise, the group gets broken up by shadow traps. That is bad. You want to stay on top of each other during this phase.

Here’s what an early P1 looked like for us (click for a larger version):

So you can see how we’re laying the Shadow Traps down, right? The dead people are either morons who did not move or casualties of Infest. More on that in a bit.

By the time you get into the transition phase, you SHOULD be relatively close to the ledge. If not, haul ass.

We got to a transition phase once and the OT died to an enraged shambling horror that was leftover and that was a wipe.

Things to note:

– Remember Infest? Remember what Infest was like before PW:S was affected by the zone-wide buff? Remember scrambling to heal the LIVING CRAP out of EVERYONE? Yeah. We’re back to that, now. Infest hits HARD.

– Still have Necrotic Plague going on, too. Good times!

– LK was hitting my tanks HARD. I was popping Divine Plea super early and often. It was basically on cooldown 30 seconds into the fight and every minute thereafter.

Here, have a look at the first few beatings:

[00:22:12.321] The Lich King hits MT 51804
[00:22:17.206] The Lich King hits MT 31706 (A: 4408, B: 8212)
[00:22:25.735] The Lich King hits MT 40055 (B: 4790)
[00:22:27.522] The Lich King hits MT 34616 (A: 7437)
[00:22:41.952] The Lich King hits MT 32598 (A: 6992)
[00:22:45.681] The Lich King hits MT 40040
[00:22:47.564] The Lich King hits MT 41317 (A: 4719)

Or perhaps a death log would be more interesting:

[00:32:03.840] Madrana Holy Light   MT +0 (O: 23014)
[00:32:03.840] RL Friend Resto Druid Rejuvenation MT +0 (O: 4173)

Full health.

[00:32:04.022] The Lich King hits MT 68943 (A: 4503, B: 2395)

I think my precise thought here was “HOLY SHIT.”

[00:32:04.212] Resto Shaman Healing Wave MT +*0* (O: 30521)

This is lag, obviously, this landed before the hit.

[00:32:04.212] Good Resto Shaman Riptide MT +1831
[00:32:04.375] Resto Shaman Earthliving MT +1382
[00:32:04.536] Dumbass Priest Flash Heal MT +8241
[00:32:04.536] RL Friend Resto Druid Lifebloom MT +2655
[00:32:04.536] Drudge Ghoul hits MT Absorb (3040)
[00:32:04.884] RL Friend Resto Druid Wild Growth MT +1414
[00:32:04.884] Resto Shaman Riptide MT +1736
[00:32:04.892] Other Holy Pally Beacon of Light MT +27150
[00:32:05.089] Good Resto Shaman Lesser Healing Wave MT +8725
[00:32:05.487] Madrana Holy Light MT +15411 (O: 8078)

Whew. Back to full.

[00:32:05.500] RL Friend Resto Druid Lifebloom MT +0 (O: 2655)
[00:32:05.657] Resto Shaman Ancestral Awakening MT +0 (O: 11530)
[00:32:05.673] Dumbass Priest Flash Heal MT +*0* (O: 11816)
[00:32:05.673] RL Friend Resto Druid Wild Growth MT +0 (O: 1384)
[00:32:05.861] RL Friend Resto Druid Rejuvenation MT +0 (O: 4173)

Still full.

[00:32:05.861] The Lich King hits MT 74738 (A: 982)


[00:32:06.358] Good Resto Shaman Earthliving MT +1463
[00:32:06.504] RL Friend Resto Druid Lifebloom MT +2643
[00:32:06.504] Other Holy Pally Beacon of Light MT +17768
[00:32:06.515] Good Resto Shaman Riptide MT +5040
[00:32:06.718] RL Friend Resto Druid Wild Growth MT +1352
[00:32:06.952] Madrana Holy Light MT +23603
[00:32:07.123] Good Resto Shaman Riptide MT +1831
[00:32:07.269] Other Holy Pally Beacon of Light MT +7395
[00:32:07.452] RL Friend Resto Druid Lifebloom MT +2643
[00:32:07.606] The Lich King hits MT 65671 (O: 1151, A: 6147)
[00:32:08.141] MT dies

Dead. Thanks for playing! Obviously, the other holy paladin should have had a holy light casting on his last cast there as it might have kept him up. That was a very small overkill.

And if you think it’s okay to have Enraged Shambling Horrors hitting your OT for any amount of time? Wrong.

[00:23:49.929] Shambling Horror hits OT 73255  (O: 80523, A: 11540)

I am probably going to be leaving my guild tomorrow and applying to the Skywall and Hyjal guilds I was talking about, so tonight is almost certainly my last raid with this guild.

I find my feelings about that are more than a little mixed, but I know that I’m not going to be happy pushing through to HLK and wiping with these people for the next X number of months. I’d rather take a couple of steps back in progression to ensure that when I DO kill LK, it’ll be with people who are, you know… not assholes.

10 Replies to “Heroic Lich King.”

  1. Good luck Kurn!

    I’d rather take a few steps back in progression than to play in an environment that makes me dread logging in. Best wishes. <3

  2. Holy cow. Tank goes wump. You must not have ANY room to DP in that fight at all, except maybe phase transitions.

  3. Ouch!

    That must’ve hurt. One tank I play with could’ve survived that a couple of times since he has 103k HP but still.. damn!

    I’m really starting to wonder how the hell people pull it off. I mean.. DAMN!

    Good luck on switching guilds though! I sincerely hope it works out for you.

  4. DAMN.

    That is all.

    Just an off topic question…is your Shaman choice in your poll referring to a certain Elemental Shaman who after getting Thunderstorm, kind of went nuts in Hyjal…?



  5. Ndiayne – Thank you! :) It’s taken me a long time to get to the point where I’ve realized it’s not a good environment for me, particularly as my RL friend is there, which complicates matters. Still, it’s time to go. :)

    Starm – actually, DP is almost always on cooldown starting from about 30-45 seconds in. The key is timing it so that I’m using it with an offset. I have 2pc T10, so Divine Illumination gives me a 35% boost in healing, I have the Talisman of Resurgence which gives me 599 extra spellpower and I have Avenging Wrath which gives me 20% bonus healing. I start out by hitting DivIll and Divine Plea together at about 65% mana, which brings me back up to about 85%, even while casting HL ’till the cows come home. Then at about 75% (or 1m) I cast Divine Plea and use my trinket. Then I’ll use Avenging Wrath if I HAVE to and Divine Plea, but I prefer waiting another minute if possible to get back to using Divine Illumination. I’ll judge extra if I have to for Seal of Wisdom procs to try to delay needing Divine Plea again until Divine Illumination is back up. :)

    Kaboomski – it’s particularly painful when I have to move, but it’s extremely draining on mana. Thanks for the well-wishes. :)

    Osephala – hahaha, normal LK is nothing compared to this. ;)

    As to my poll, I DEFINITELY thought of you, I mean, a certain elemental shammy, but it was triggered by some dumbass shaman doing it to me as I was tanking on my druid. I’m like “Dude, he needs for Dayden to yell at him.”

  6. Codi – it’s just RIDICULOUS amounts of damage! The kind that, as a fairly conservative healing lead/raid leader from back in the day, I tend to, you know, PANIC about. The kind where if you take 3 GCDs to refresh your shield AND beacon AND your judgement, the tank is dead. The kind where if you move for too long, the tank is dead. The kind where, due to the stacking buff LK gets from plague jumps, P1 effectively has a soft enrage that, technically, he had before, but never really mattered at all.

  7. lol, not gonna lie, I got a little happy every time the mobs went WHEEEEE!

    BTW, good luck on your guild on Skywall. My guild fell apart tonight. Lib and I apped to a guild on the same server. I hope they like us. :D

  8. Osephala – Mobs flying away from the tank is STILL a bad thing, lady. ;D

    I read that on FB about your guild. :( Where are you guys apping? And are you coming back to the Alliance?

  9. No, not yet, I’m still having fun being a traitor! haha. we apped to the guild that Lib’s bf is in.

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