LK & Frostmourne, Guild Apps

15 or so heroic pulls last night.

I still rule because I have not yet been hit by a Shadow Trap at all. That’s right. I am awesome.

More pain by enraged Shambling Horrors:

[01:09:51.954] Shambling Horror hits OT 60173  (O: 26676, B: 4080)

Average melee hit on the MT: 43,748.2


We made it to the first transition phase twice, I think. Idiot!Priest kept dying to Shadow Traps and kept screwing up dispels and neglected to shield as much as he should have been. Good times. :P

We didn’t last long on the transition phases because either the OT would die while me and the other tank healer were running for the edge OR because he would then get beaned in the face by an enraged Shambling Horror. Or two.

Anyways, two and a half hours on heroic LK led to no real progress, just a lot of practice on Shadow Traps, I guess. It’s not like it’s a hard mechanic. Move away from the skull marked in the raid?

So then, because it was Monday and Tuesday’s the reset, we switched to normal mode.

For the first time EVER, and that is EVER, I got Harvest Soul on me!!! I was like “HOLY CRAP, it’s ME!” and I couldn’t heal myself. >< And I’m like, chanting to myself, “don’t let me die, don’t let me die…” No pain suppression or any CDs on me, but they kept me up!!

[01:39:25.719] The Lich King casts Harvest Soul on Madrana
[01:39:25.760] Madrana afflicted by Harvest Soul from The Lich King
[01:39:26.042] Resto Druid Rejuvenation Madrana +0 (O: 4149)
[01:39:26.657] The Lich King Harvest Soul Madrana 10185 (R: 4500)
[01:39:27.301] Resto Druid Echoes of Light Madrana +*10185* (O: 3056)
[01:39:27.710] The Lich King Harvest Soul Madrana 11640 (R: 3000)
[01:39:28.521] Idiot!Priest Glyph of Power Word: Shield Madrana +2455
[01:39:28.662] The Lich King Harvest Soul Madrana 81 (A: 11559, R: 3000)
[01:39:28.911] Raid Leader Flash Heal Madrana +*9266* (O: 2568)
[01:39:29.060] Resto Druid Regrowth Madrana +0 (O: 8410)
[01:39:29.060] Resto Shammy Chain Heal Madrana +*0* (O: 11325)
[01:39:29.060] Resto Druid Rejuvenation Madrana +0 (O: 4149)
[01:39:29.302] Raid Leader Penance Madrana +0 (O: 5691)
[01:39:29.821] Raid Leader Penance Madrana +0 (O: 5663)
[01:39:29.961] The Lich King Harvest Soul Madrana 8090 (A: 3550, R: 3000)
[01:39:30.082] Resto Druid Nourish Madrana +8090 (O: 1527)
[01:39:30.456] Resto Shammy Lesser Healing Wave Madrana +*0* (O: 12418)
[01:39:30.716] Raid Leader Penance Madrana +0 (O: 6073)
[01:39:30.716] The Lich King Harvest Soul Madrana 11640 (R: 3000)
[01:39:31.336] Resto Druid Nourish Madrana +9201
[01:39:31.657] Resto Shammy Ancestral Awakening Madrana +2439 (O: 2487)
[01:39:31.815] Madrana’s Harvest Soul fades

And then… I got to heal Terenas Menethil. Awesome.

The instant I zoned in, I was like “what the… who… shoot, okay, I guess I don’t heal that spirit thing and… OMG, TERENAS!” So I started healing him. And that was awesome. So super cool. And then I was like “oh crap, I have to dispell him, don’t I?” and lo and behold, a little debuff icon showed up on Terenas’ name plate and I’m like “CLEANSE, BITCH! YEAH!”

hahaha. I was really stupidly excited to finally get pulled into Frostmourne.

For those curious about the experience:

Terenas Menethil yells: You have come to bring Arthas to justice? To see the Lich King destroyed?
Terenas Menethil yells: First, you must escape Frostmourne’s hold, or be damned as I am; trapped within this cursed blade for all eternity.
Terenas Menethil yells:  Aid me in destroying these tortured souls! Together we will loosen Frostmourne’s hold and weakedn the Lich King from within!

And here’s the one screenshot I thought to take. (Click for a larger version.)

So that was fairly epic. :)

In other news, I’ve dropped in two apps, one each to the guild on Skywall and the one on Hyjal.

I’d get more perks on Hyjal (and shorter raids, instead of longer ones) but I’m still leaning towards Skywall. Both guilds seem pretty cool, but I think that knowledgeable healers are lacking in the Hyjal guild.

There are two holy pallies in that guild, though one is going prot. The other is an app.

I’m looking at the app on the armory:

MH: Heroic Trauma.

Trinket 1: Purified Lunar Dust

Helm: Heroic Faceplate of the Forgotten

Adequate haste (751). Uses Fish Feasts and Flasks of the Frost Wyrm.

Appears to blow Avenging Wrath AND Divine Illumination at the same time as Divine Plea, which means he’s not losing any healing when popping Divine Plea, but it’s making him have only two offsets (he also has the Talisman of Resurgence) instead of three.

And sometimes, he pops all those things all at once!

Judges, but honestly, not much more than once a minute, even with only one other pally in the raid. Actually, that’s maybe not even quite once a minute.

All of which causes me to go “BLAH”.

Compare and constrast that to the resto shammy GM who healed four marks on heroic Saurfang and you have an idea as to why I’m leaning towards Skywall.

Anyways. Coming up today: Kurn’s Q&A #21, a new poll, possibly a new video or two (Strat Live key run/Cannonmaster Willy run) and probably more pondering out loud about which guild I should choose if they both want to trial me.

8 Replies to “LK & Frostmourne, Guild Apps”

  1. Gawd.. that amount of damage is just insane! Average?! O-M-G!!

    Seems like you have a functional brain though, gratz ;-)
    No but seriously, managing to not get hit by a game mechanic *at all* during god knows how many attempts? Pretty darn amazing! I agree, you rule!

    By the way, about that holy pally. Even though he has adequate haste, he uses Fish Feast? Wouldn’t haste food be better regardless? And what about the flask? I was wondering because spellpower doesn’t seem like all that, but Flask of Distilled Wisdom on the other hand, seems like a solid choice. I’m puzzled whether he’s doing it wrong, or I’m thinking in the wrong direction.
    I must admit, I used to run with Frost Wyrm flasks because I got a stack for free from my wife’s resto druid and didn’t have anything else. I used the Fish Feasts because of lack of proper buff food. Now, I only use haste food and Flask of Distilled Wisdom.

    Looking forward to the Q&A! Ah.. any post will do, you’re the most active blogger on my blogroll :D love ya!

  2. Perhaps I’m a haste-snob, but even 751 seems a bit low, especially with the gear that’s available from 25 and 25-H. I’ve seen paladins in “better” guilds than mine sporting 400-ish haste. Pardon me for not being impressed, and assuming that someone else did the tank healing.

    From the sounds of this post, it really sounds like you’ve made your decision. I doubt it had much to do with the red flags (which are pretty alarming) of your potential co-paladin on Hyjal, and more to do with the environment of the other guild. I hope you find yourself in a good home!

  3. Kaboomski – nothing in the game has prepared me for the amount of incoming damage on even just P1 of heroic LK.

    Meh, even with my crappy spell details, I can see a skull on a raid member’s head juuuuuust fine. ;) DXE is really helpful as well.

    The holy pally has really not impressed me, for the reasons you mentioned. Yes, haste food would be better. Spellpower is poor for HL pallies (and he’s one of them, gemmed all int, etc). I’m glad you’ve switched to better consumables!

    Enlynn – Hence my use of the term “Adequate”. If someone doesn’t have at least 676 haste, I’m like, okay, fail. If they have 676 ’till about 850ish, I’m like “okay, that’ll *do*, I guess.” I’m at 958 haste and I STILL eat haste food. Heh, it means that I can reach the 1s GCD on my own. ;)

    Hahahaha, I’m glad you found the red flags alarming, too!

    The Skywall guild does seem like the environment might be better, but the Hyjal guild is really friendly as well. I’ve spoken to the Hyjal people on vent and then sat in for a bit of the Skywall guild’s raid last night, so I’ve gotten a bit of a feel for both.

    Thanks for the well-wishes. :)

  4. Woooo skywall! (Boo for Alliance)

    Also woo for MASSIVE damage. I’m almost kinda happy that I will likely never see LK Heroic, because that just scares me.

  5. thansal – haha, we’ll see if the Skywall guild even wants to trial me. The Hyjal guild is all ready to pull me over ASAP and trial me tomorrow. The Skywall guild is like “… holy wall of text, Batman.” (My applications to both were a little long-winded, but hey. IT’S ME.)

    As to the damage and heroic LK, it’s like… okay, well, yes, terrifying. But now that I’ve seen it, I want him deeeeead.

  6. If you can’t decide ask if you can listen in to their raid vent for a night (do it for both guilds of course).

    Usually it’s when I hear Vent that I’ll know if I’ve found myself a new home or not.

  7. I know my priest’s new guild actually encourages potential applicants to both listen in on several raids AND make a low-level alt and actively join the guild so you get the full experience.

    I definitely agree with Cass though–listen to some raids and factor it in to the overall. Good luck <3

  8. Cassandri – I actually listened in to the Skywall one on Monday night for about 45 minutes… before I was rudely interrupted by a false fire alarm that nonetheless ended up with firefighters banging on my apartment door. ;) And I chatted on Vent with the Hyjal GM and healing lead and some of the guildies. So I got a good idea of how both “felt”. The whole Vent notion is almost bizarre to me now. I’ve raided nearly 10 months without it! Well, more or less.

    Ndiayne – Both guilds encouraged me to listen and to hit them up in-game on a low-level toon. I had lots of contact with them both. :)

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