Heroic: Storming the Citadel

Wow, Lady Deathwhisper sucks. Wiped on her for five and a half hours this week, but she’s down and that gave most of us in the raid the Heroic: Storming the Citadel achievement.

Went up, did Airship on heroic. Easymode.

And then we faced Deathbringer Saurfang. Without a third holy paladin.

Never, ever, ever underestimate how difficult this encounter is without a third holy paladin for the extra two marks you’re bound to get.

Pop quiz, hotshots! I would love to know how you would have allocated the resources for a kill. Assume that one holy paladin can handle two Marks of the Fallen Champion and that any other healer can handle just one.

Here’s what the comp looked like:

2x Holy Paladin, 2x Priests (both can be holy or disc), 1x Resto Shaman, 1x Resto Druid

Take that composition, assume six Marks of the Fallen Champion and come up with a viable healing strategy without knowing anything else about the abilities of the healers involved.

I’ll post how I (almost!) did it later on. We probably would have won, had it not been for a hunter’s disconnection (and the RL’s subsequent “accidental” turning off of the 10% buff!).

It’s completely different to 3 holy paladins in the raid, though. Like, holy crap, man, SO much harder.

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  1. Hrm, with that comp, it sounds like you’d be okay with 6 Marks…? You’d have the shaman healing the tanks, the priests and paladins on the Marks (or one priest and the druid, depending on their strengths) and the one healer left over for the raid. You’d want to spread out the Marks for the paladins so that they can pop DivSac and BoSac without worrying about letting people die, I’d think. So a scheme like: Paladin, paladin, priest, paladin, paladin, priest <– for the 6 Marks

    I look forward to doing this with 5 healers. YUM! LOL

  2. On Monday night, we swapped out Crazy!PriestApp for Regular!DiscPriest and won with that comp:

    Pally #1 on Marks 1/3
    Myself on Marks 2/4
    UsuallyHoly!PriestAsDisc on Mark 5
    Regular!DiscPrist on Mark 6
    Resto druid on raid
    Resto shammy on tanks

    Worked nicely, actually, since it allowed us to keep shielding people until way late in the fight.

    What we also did was BOP a caster (or healer) with Boiling Blood before the first Mark to help delay it a bit, since that’s all physical damage. If either holy paladin got it, we DS/DSed there to remove the debuff from ourselves and to prevent at least 20% of the damage being done on the others.

    I’m sad more people didn’t take the pop quiz! Sad panda!

    … five healers? Gah! I desperately wanted 7 but knew it would just result in a 7th Mark. :P Good luck!!!

  3. Yeah, I do that with my CDs, too, although I actually use DivSac every time it’s up, rather than just with my bubble. (I like to BoSac on LK without my bubble, too… <_< *coughs*) I'm so sad that they made PW:S absorption no longer avoid blood power. : / It was -so- easy with our Disc priest when it worked that way. LOL

    Shaman are such good tank healers when they want to be, it makes me so happy. XD

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