So burnt!

Thank God we have tomorrow off, thank God, thank God, thank God.

On the heels of a huge playoff game loss by the Montreal Canadiens, I had a raid tonight. I had a splitting headache.

In 3h37m (37m more than usual) we did:

– heroic Saurfang without the ever-elusive third holy paladin

– heroic BP Council and BQL

– heroic Dreamwalker

– heroic Rotface and Festergut

– regular Putricide

– regular Sindragosa

– regular Lich King

I am so freaking tired, my head is still pounding and I just wanna go to sleep. So I will. But good LORD, what a long night that was. It felt like we’d raided for something like 8 hours, I kid you not.

Burnt, burnt, burnt.

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  1. Well done. Kind of puts my day’s work to shame. Today (yesterday, whatevs) I managed to get ToC-25, Toravon-25, and Sarth-10 0D. Even managed to do ToC with Vent. Hot damn, am I glad to be rid of dial-up.

    Enjoy your rest. :)

  2. X – ahahaha, grats to you, man. :) Those 25s must make you feel pretty awesome. Oh my God, you can go to DALARAN now!!!!

    R – haha, remind me again why I play this stupid game? :)

  3. Y’know? They kind of did! I got a battle rez on champs over an arc mage and a rogue (meaning less CC (but with all the AOE (Fan of Knives for Deadly Poison energy procs, Blizzard because the frost mage was a douche) it wouldn’t really have stuck) and less overall DPS). I can totally see what you mean about preferring 25s now, though, but 10s must be a LITTLE better when in a guild. Right?

    And I can! It’s still super-slow to load NPCs and players, but that doesn’t surprise me. Ah, talking in trade in Dalaran. It’s better up there.

  4. X – What the hell class are you playing these days? 10s can be okay if you’re playing with people you really like and enjoy, but back in my old guild, I couldn’t fit all those people in a 10-man. I had trouble fitting them all in a 25-man.

    I am totally romanticizing the old days, I know. :P

    YAY DAL! ahahaha! Very cool. You must be psyched to be able to go through Crystalsong at all, eh? ;)

    HP – ridiculously productive, but that’s after wiping on heroic Lady Deathwhisper for five and a half hours this week and heroic Saurfang for another 1.5 or so. It was definitely high-stress and low-fun to wipe for so long only to get LD down and then wipe on Saurfang for the rest of that third night of raiding in the week. Then to knock out everything left in one night was just so draining. I didn’t play pretty much at all on Tuesday and I’m still burnt out.

    It sort of re-emphasizes to me that I’m happier in slower progression guilds where we can have fun and do not feel ruled by an iron fist. 9/12 ICC HM down and I think I might still be happier at 11/12 normal if I were with my old guildies.

  5. At the moment, I’m rocking my warlock. She is pretty amazing, I must say. Finally got myself back into aff after way too long as destro, and am about a billion times more comfortable. Caster DPS works for me when I have to juggle DOTs, not when I have to prioritize nukes.

    That, and my felhunter is all sorts of cuddly.

    BUT! I was actually thinking about making my pally prot/holy (I almost said resto) if I can get some advice from you (Lol, “if.”). E-mail me back sometime, punk! I has questions!

  6. Illidan Stormrage – DOWN! Even got a Memento of Tyrande (favorite item for RP value evuh, by the way) but gave it to a 72 lock. :


  7. R – you were a great raid leader and healing lead. I do miss being a cog in your machine. I was, however, referring to the Apotheosis crew. ;)

    X – ahaha, I’ll email, I’ll email!

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