Initial 4.0.1 Thoughts

I followed my own advice from my 4.0.1 post. Specced for 3/3 Divinity and 2/3 Crusade after 31 into Holy. Glyphs of Word of Glory, Seal of Insight and Holy Shock for primes, with Divinity, Beacon and Divine Plea for majors and Seal of Insight, Kings and Lay on Hands for minors.

I healed a heroic Nexus without Grid and without getting Clique configured right and felt fine. No mana issues at all.

The major issue was that the tank couldn’t hold aggro from the ret pally, from a DK or even from me, on occasion.

I also had zero confidence in my ability to heal someone quickly from low health. Cases in point, the ret pally and the DK and myself. :P

The 20yd range on judgements really wasn’t too bad, although I did have to shuffle forward here and there.

Overall, it was quick and relatively painless. No mana issues whatsoever. I did keep half-expecting Eternal Glory to proc and kept wanting to hit Holy Radiance, but apart from that, it was okay.

And yet, I’m thoroughly depressed about it. I just don’t feel like “myself”. Blah.

New beta build thoughts sometime tomorrow. I like what they’re doing with Holy Radiance.

How was your first day with 4.0.1?

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  1. I’ll let you know how my first day was tomorrow. I’ve been downloading the patch for nearly 22 hours now, and it’s still not quite done. :(

    But I’m glad to hear it’s working well, if not as comfortably as you’d like.

  2. Definitely a new and different feeling. I think we’ll adjust quickly, but I completely get your reaction.

    After playing with it, do you really find Crusade to be more beneficial than Eternal Glory at 80? Though random, could it have possibly solved the low-health reaction issues?

    I’m a bit torn between the Holy Shock glyph and Divine Favor because I’m wearing 2pc 277 t10. That’s 30 seconds of DF and +35% to all healing, which seems hard to pass up, but I haven’t done the math.

  3. First day so far is going alright on my end. Ngl I feared logging into my paladin but that quickly passed as soon as I started spamming Light of Dawn and sat at my desk screaming, “KAMEHAMEHA!” -.- So far my Hunter is baffling me the most. -.- *wonderment*

  4. I am definitely going to not do all of my toons at once, I did Ose completely, and I mostly did my priest and hunter, but the rest can wait. :P

  5. Tank healing was a little different. I was only in VoA but I found the tank to require my attention a lot more. Also healing two tanks at once was a lot more challenging. It was kind of sad though because I didn’t feel like I could help out with raid healing very much at all.

    Though the difference between 85 and 80 is staggering. I’m glad I’m not really raiding right now, because if you relearn your class for 80, you’ll have to go ahead and relearn for 85 (as a healer).

  6. I healed two heroics, VH and UK. Strange not to have all my addons and actually having to select my party member, then hit the spell.

    No mana issues whatsoever, but I was a bit bored. Felt like all I did was: Holy Shock (wait for CD), Holy Shock (wait for CD), Holy Shock (yay! I have 3 charges!), Word of Glory (Hm, anticlimatic. Felt like a holy shock)…Holy Shock (wait for CD…) Sometimes, I would toss a Light of Dawn in there because I just wanted to get “wild and crazy!” (That, and the animation is pretty cool.) But, overall, meh.

    It’s a bit underwhelming, tbh.

  7. Beacon kept expiring on me and I only realized later I hadn’t re-glyphed and I had spec’d holy in was was previously my prot.

    I solo healed voa10 and then Ignis (weekly) with a second holy paladin. I was flailing quite a bit in voa and I fell back into chain casting Divine Light and Flash of Light with only a few Shocks/WoG. Toravon went down with me and a dps left alive. We lost both tanks on Koralon but one dork was a fire-stander taking too much of my attention and the OT wasn’t positioned to help soak strikes.

    I’m just uncomfortable and unsure, which leads to spamming whatever is under my fingers.

    Anyone trying Clique with the default raid UI?

  8. I put my 5 ‘extra’ points in the Prot tree to start with last night. Healed Heroic Halls of Reflection — why not start with the top five man, right? We made it through the first set of waves and Falric with one death, then ended up wiping (once) on the next set of waves. The Lich King escape was remarkably easy in comparison, ended up getting the achievement for it. I opted to use Blizzard’s UI (raid frames in party option); it worked OK but I think I’ll be going back to VuhDo in short order.

    Our tank felt a bit squishier than he had before and it was definitely much harder bringing him back from the brink than before – and he was on the brink a bit more than usual. I also did far less damage than normal, it’s going to take some time getting comfortable with the new tools and their capabilities before I’m able to multi-task as well as I did before.

    Even with the mindless healing of PotI, the ‘new’ Divine Protection is our friend. It’s pretty much a use it anytime and every time type of ability.

    I miss Sacred Shield. Recount provided no information at all about how handy Illuminated Healing was.

    We should be raiding either tonight or tomorrow, we’ll see how things look on that front then.

  9. I told everyone that Divine Plea was going to either fixed or Lay on Hands would be our new mana return. But now LoH and DP appear to both be getting a slight fix.
    I see these abilities as CRIT based.
    Infusion of Light = Crit based.
    Conviction = Crit based.
    Mastery = Crit based.
    Guardian of Acient Kings = Crit based.
    Holy Mending = Crit based.

    If you read the tooltips all these are all affected by Crit. Not to mention all the other spells we cast, over time that is one heck of a lot of healing or bigger shields. I realize everyone wants Haste but how much healing are you giving up?

    Please answer this time.

  10. what about mastery?do we need to reforge some stats into mastery?
    thx Kurn for all the posts.great job.

  11. It was a nightmare, spend 2 hours wiping on Marrowgar (25 HM). I get annoyed easily, but that was quite possibly the worst raid of my life.

    I had a fair amount of lag, so it kept me from getting a good picture of the fight. It seemed like the GCD lasted years (probably the lag). Grid wasn’t working, so I was stuck with the default UI which was FREAKING HUGE and didn’t seem to be updating. The tank would be at 15% health, so I’d hit him with a big heal, and my combat text would say 100% overheal.

    But from what I did get to experiment with, it seems like mana isn’t an issue. When my lag recovered to “raidable”, I was going through my mana bar, but the rate was pretty much the same as before the patch. My small heal (Holy Light?) is hitting for less than the FoL, but my big heal (Divine Light?) hits for about the same as my old Holy Light. I also spammed big heals on myself in Ironforge after the raid and was able to get quite a big number out before running out of mana.

    The new utility of Holy Shock is pretty cool, but it’ll take a few hours to get used to. I like the AoE conical (Light of Dawn?). I haven’t used it anywhere helpful (everyone ended up all over the place on Marrowgar) but it certain looks cool.

  12. Have you guys experimented with Reforging yet? EU servers are down for another few hours and I’m trying to figure out whether or not it’s worth reforging for more regen/throughput.

  13. I didn’t do any raids yet, my guild decided to wait a few days till people learn their classes/rotations, so instead I did about 15 heroic’s. Which other than my addon that tracks beacon not working, which lead to beacon falling off a once or twice, they went fine. But it actually seemed like I could react faster to falling tank health than normal. As holy shock hits pretty well, and with glyph of holy shock it is almost at 50% crit.

    Mana is still a non-issue (at least in heroics), I switched over to plate stuff, and have about 500 more mana than I had before (with the +5% int)…holy light and holy shock cost like 350 mana, and WoG is free….those are the only spells I needed to cast, other than once where I should have cast FoL but didn’t think of it in time (not used to it as my “Oh, that DPS pulled agro and will die before HL casts” button yet)

    Holy power is like candy….I was normally running around with 3 holy power with people at full health so nobody to cast WoG on. Holy shock on cooldown, and HL spammed on the tank, you’ll have 3 HP about every 4 or 5 seconds….I’d like something to use it on other than a free heal (as saving 350 mana isn’t exactly like YEAH, THAT’S AWESOME)

    light of the dawn was useless….3-4k to everyone if I’m lucky and the ranged dps stay somewhat grouped up…other than the animation (which is totally baddass), it wouldn’t even be on my action bars.

    Having a large portion of my healing be instant casts is…weird….as for the most part I could keep everyone up with just Holy Shock and WoG, I spent one or two heroics just running in circles around the tank just because I could.

    WoG hits like a truck…it’s pretty awesome, I think my highest one was a 19k heal.

    Lastly, after looking over the ret nerf, I said wth and tried out the wonder of the shockadin (as I never tried it in bc)…lack of AoE is annoying, though consecration and holy wrath hit ok, but yeah press two buttons and then spam single target dps rotation isn’t really good AoE. But I forgot to get the right glyphs for the spec, so wasn’t really correctly set up, but still hit about 4-5k single target dps, not great obviously, but for a spec that’s basically healing but with like 5 or 6 points moved around, it is respectable…and I might even end up questing to 85 as it over questing as ret or prot.

  14. Kurn, what type of tank was it that was having agro issues?

    I tanked 2 heroics on my tankadin and had very little problem (the rogue could pull off of me some times, but he also never used tricks).

    My level 77 warrior had a hell of a time though. I think it was mainly due to bad players though. I mean, I’m impressed that you can pull 3K dps at that level, however, if you open up before I have even touched some of the mobs I’m going to have a hard time (demo locks are broken).

    Haven’t tried my DK yet, and I don’t tank on my druid.

  15. First night in 4.0.1 was fun. Healed a few heroics and was delighted to find a lot of people fail hard with their new mechanics. Hopefully it continues and the casuals get weeded out easily.

    Anyway, I’m loving holy pally even more now. Granted we’re not the OP single target machines we were the day before yesterday, it’s a lot more to pay attention to and actually do now. I love it. Hopefully hitting up HM ICC tonight to see how well we all do.

  16. Upon logging in, I tied up any remaining gear issues (getting the Protectors of Life crafted, enchants) and reforged all of my crit from items into haste (if the item did not have it) and mastery (ending up at 14.10%). I was only at about 500 or so haste, but with a normal Solace of the Defeated to boost my regen. My crit was still at about 32% unbuffed.

    I took these stats for a test drive in Heroic Halls of Reflection with a guild group, but we only really ran into issues with the fact that our warrior tank couldn’t reliably AOE tank over our Demo Warlock’s threat output. Said Warlock kept dying from pulling immediate aggro while Hellfiring (which, of course, made me feel guilty). There were a couple times I dipped under 90% mana, but I was never overly concerned. .

    Of course, this is a group in 277 gear. I ended up running too far down in gauntlet with two of our dps before the first ice wall and getting locked away from our tank and boomkin. They both handled the first wave with relative ease and only a few health dips.

    All in all, H HoR was fine with Holy Shock and Holy Light use, with the occasional Word of Glory and Light of Dawn (as that corner is an excellent place to use it). 2/3 Protector of the Innocent was enough to keep me topped off, as boring and dumb as that talent it. I did not have to heal myself.

    I next pugged randomly. H HoL was interesting, but I again didn’t have any mana issues and often found that I was sitting on a lot of Holy Power than I wasn’t using. Light of Dawn was actually quite useful on Loken paired with the Glowing Twilight Scale (trinket from Halion 25). The ranged were kind enough to give me the opportunity to hit the entire party with Light of Dawn, and the healing provided (3.5k) seems “okay” at 80 (but not so much at 85).

    Not sure what I would have done if Loken had cast an additional Nova, as I’m pretty sure LoD would have still been on cooldown.

    All in all? Instance healing seems easy in good gear (around 3.6k spellpower, 985 haste, and 14% shielding from direct heals) without the need to regem for spirit. Of course, take “easy” in a relative fashion: overpowered dps who do not stand in the bad make life easier all around.

    I’m curious about how raids will feel—I expect that mana is going to be more of an issue and I might consider picking up the Purified Lunar Dust (I know, what is the world coming to?) for the additional spirit proc or attempting to con people into a TOGC 25 pug for a chance at the Heroic Solace.

  17. Hmm. i did try out holy. (playing from the default UI was a pain though). got my addons somewhat setup. Got into a H UK…it was painless for the most part. It was weird, felt like something was not quite right. Having to move into judge, casting HS constantly. The DPS was well geared so things died faster then normal?

    I am not sure if spec’d right lol, I was kinda grumpy about the thought of fixing the UI again…still need to fniish it.

    Havent done anything on the priest as of yet but the idea of fixing a UI made me really grumpy lol.

  18. First off, I’m not sure how I can live without Grid. Those little multi-coloured boxes are all I’ve been staring at for the last 6 months and I feel weird not having them.

    I didn’t have much time to play around with the patch last night after having to wait 3 hours for the patch to download and install. It didn’t help that halfway through I had to free up a few gigs of hard drive space either. But I did manage to get my specs for both my holy priest and holy paladin done.

    Initial Impressions:
    New Guild pane: Love it.
    New Talent interface: Love it.
    Reforging: Very cool and very simple. Love it.
    New Glyph interface: Love it.
    Forgetting to buy my glyphs before the patch hit: Ooops. Gougers suck.
    Having to completely rebuild my interface: Grrr.
    Having more space on my action bars: Yay!
    Having to relearn where everything is on the action bars: Sigh.
    No more individual Blessings: ZOMG, I can’t believe how much better that is.
    Random Earthquakes: Very Cool.
    The Feeling that it’s a brand new game full of mystery: Priceless.

  19. pew pew healing lasers (Light of Dawn) is pretty cool looking, if not quite as useful. I can see with the proper UI setup (elks buff bars, when Elk can update it) to help you track procs and everything else the new holy pally stuff could be fun. The change you mention in your next post to Infusion of Light reducing cast time on Divine Light would be welcome indeed.

    I’d say ditto to what you experienced. Mediocre healing that wasn’t really needed in heroics we totally overpowered, except when the dps pulled, which was often, and then my heals just weren’t big enough or quick enough. My fault on picking the wrong spell I’m sure.

    I’m concerned about my usual role as tank healer in my icc10 run later this week, just not having the output.

    I see all three priest specs having a blast, I’ll be trying my disc priest out for sure.

  20. Hello im wondering about Mastery should we stick to 8% or you guys are reforging some items, if so, ill like to know wich items are and why.

  21. I randomed into a heroic UK, Mana never left 100% , I think I had one scary moment when the tank dropped to 50% and it took a surprising length of time to get him up. But very smooth, I need to learn to use divine light and Light of dawn 0 and 1 cast for the run and my muscle memory kept trying to pop off a instant fol on tank whenever I heard infusion of light proc.

    Pvp, well after a couple of tries yesterday was the first time since possibly 3.3 I have not lined up for my random after reset. I can heal ok until I am cc’ed and then everybody dies including me. At one point I was dead their was 15 seconds on the res timer and all but one person was dead and we where’nt even losing.

    Sadly capped on both honor and JP I will have to figure out which alt needs some primordial saronite boots as their is nothing left to buy for all 3 specs.

  22. I have to say, I’ve loved the changes so far. Holy, and especially retribution. Considering this is a holy paladin site.. I’ll keep this limited to my holy experiences.

    It’s a huge departure and a lot of spells so I’ve had to redo my kbs. Nothing like wanting to hit your big heal “holy light for the past 5 years” only to hit judgement instead of your new divine light big heal ><

    The biggest complaint I have so far is not having a power aura for when I hit 3 holy power. I play with my UI set to the smallest scale so my unit frame is far in the upper right corner. I can't see it when all the action is going on. I also don't have a "feel" for when I cast HL on my BoL target and using HS for when I should expect to be at full HP. The other thing I've noticed (which is super annoying) is getting daylight procs with full HP and everyone's topped off. The only time my group takes dmg is when my daybreak fades and I decided to use my HP needlessly.

    Other than that.. I've done instances without burning more than a few thousand mana. My spirit is pretty ridiculously high and perhaps I should consider reforging some to mastery. It's just difficult atm to know what a good stat balance is. So far I've just gone with reforging my crit stats to mastery. I think my mastery is at 14%.

    I still don't like PotI though. I don't like never really having to cast heals on myself. I just got skada running though, so after I do some more instances I'll have a better idea of my healing rotation and spell usage. It's times like these that I wish I still raided because I don't need to use all my spells @80 or cds. PoV is pretty much wasted when I don't need to use wings, and the glyph of DF is pointless too since I don't use it in instances. :

    I'm excited though. Having a lot of fun so far.

  23. I would just like to say thank you for a corner of understanding for me in a whole fog of confusion.

    I have only been playing WoW since errr.. May and I had just gotten used to everything and pow.. they change it.

    Have to say so far I have no gripes about the changes… apart from being “OOM” damnit!

    Thanks for an oasis of calm and clarity from my little world of uncertainty

  24. @Imardin: First off, welcome to WOW. The nice thing is that everyone else is in the same boat as you. There have been so many changes to all of the classes that everyone is relearning how to play.

    You are, however, ahead of a lot of people since you’re obviously spending a little bit of time researching your class and learning how to play via the blogs.

  25. Apple – Glad you’ve finally gotten in!

    X – doing better now that you know you’ll get your felpuppy’s name back?

    Criph – Yay, I’m not just that stick-in-the-mud who’s had an odd reaction. ;)

    I like Crusade. I’m using HS on cooldown pretty much, so buffing that particular spell seems important to me given a lack of mana issues. What really makes Eternal Glory shine is that Word of Glory is mana-free, but if you have the mana, why worry, you know? Sure, there are spots that another instant cast would be useful, but for the time being, I’ve used Flash of Light to top someone off if I don’t have 3HP or HS isn’t off cooldown. It’s expensive in comparision, but I don’t have issues with mana as of yet. I did learn the Glyph of Divine Favor, so if my guild gets back to raiding this next reset, then I might have to switch it out here or there.

    I like the HS glyph because, as I said before, I’m hitting HS on cooldown and I do like the synergy of crit HS -> IoL -> super fast Holy Light cast.

    Izzy – Oh God, I don’t even want to talk about my hunter. I’ve been casting Arcane Shot and I’m wondering what the hell I’m supposed to do. ;) Light of Dawn is fun but I’m so sad it’s not more useful.

    Osephala – Just Madrana and Kurn thus far, although I specced the shammy for resto and am pondering speccing the priest holy.

    Wasselin – I kind of agree about the relearning. The big issue, for me, is that Divine Light is spammable right now, to a large degree, but will not be a viable tactic as we level up.

    So if healing two tanks is challenging, but you don’t feel like you can raid heal, what do you feel our “role” has become? Or is leaning towards becoming?

    Janyaa – Underwhelming is a great way of putting it. I keep finding myself with 1 second left on Holy Shock’s cooldown so I sit and wait or judge or rebeacon or something. Annoying!

    And I’m also totally guilty of completely unnecessary uses of Light of Dawn! “What, HS isn’t up? No HP charges? WHEEEEEE, LoD, bitches!”

    Joe – hahaha, that almost happened to me! I was all ready to start speccing and then realized I’d been in my prot spec.

    I’ve definitely done the spamming/falling into old habits over on beta. In my Throne of the Tides video, you can see me right clicking furiously (Holy Light bind on live) and just getting the damn context menu…

    I’ve got Clique and Grid working now, but didn’t have Clique working with the default UI, alas.

    jeffo – How are you enjoying Eternal Glory? Also, grats on the achievement. That’s one of my top five favourite achievement names. (Others include Snakes. Why’d It Have to be Snakes? and Bring Me The Head of… Oh Wait.)

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with issues bringing someone back up. It definitely feels more difficult.

    You know, I’m not sure if the new Divine Protection is even on my bars… Good call! haha. :)

    I desperately miss Sacred Shield, too. Even though almost all my healy-type spells are bound in Clique, I have most of them on my primary action bar. There’s a spot (#7) that is currently empty. It’s where Sacred Shield has lived for nearly two years. :(

    I think that either the mastery itself is bugged or, more likely, the combat log isn’t recording absorption by Illuminated Healing. World of Logs isn’t recording it either.

    Keep us posted and hope the raid went well!


    Please answer this time.

    Okay, let’s be clear here. I do not blog professionally, I do not get paid to do this thing. I’m trying to reform my guild while still being accessible and available to my current guild. I’ve got a “real” life. I’m also trying to get some actual play time in to relearn how to play my class at 80 since I’ve been 85 for a while over on the beta.

    I make it a point to try to respond to the majority of comments in a timely fashion. I really do enjoy talking to others and such, but I do not write this solely so that others can demand my time and energy. If that means people go a week without a response from me, so be it. There are only so many hours in a day, dude.

    Now, as to the crit debate…

    Infusion of Light – yes, crit based.

    Conviction – of course, crit based.

    Mastery – not crit-based. More effective with a high level of crit? Certainly. But mastery is based on how much mastery you have and how much intellect (spellpower) you have. It’s also bugged at the moment.

    Guardian – not crit-based. Again, more effective with a high level of crit, but you can easily pop Divine Favor to help your crit chance, then pop out the ol’ grumpy guy and pop off your five heals. With the Glyph of Divine Favor (which I don’t recommend right now), it should just about last the guardian’s full duration.

    Holy Mending – … the T8 2pc bonus? I’m not even going to address that.

    The question is not how much healing are we “giving up” by going haste instead of crit. The question is “how often is your tank going to die if you don’t get down as close to a 1s GCD as possible?”. Or maybe “how often is some OTHER healer going to have to save your ass on an assignment because you have a negligible amount of haste?”. Divine Light is critting for close to what HL used to and tanks have more health but nowhere near the 100k+ tanks I’ve seen at 85 on beta. We still have an overhealing problem and crit adds to overhealing unless you are strictly using HS, HL and WoG. And even then, you’re still going to run into overhealing.

    Smilen Mlyakov – Since mastery is sort of broken right now (it’s not showing absorption in the combat log) I’d hold off on mastery and focus on getting at least 1017 haste so that Judgements of the Pure + 5% casting speed (Wrath of Air totem, Moonkin aura, Shadowform aura) gives you a 1s GCD.

    Glad you’ve found the posts useful!

    Ophelie – I’ve heard about a LOT of people wiping on heroic Marrowgar or other farmed content.

    Sorry to hear about the lag. That’s maddening and I completely sympathize. DL is very much comparable to old HL, absolutely. I expect a lot of people will start out with HL, realize it doesn’t do what it did, then switch to DL and go oom. ;)

    LoD looks okay, IMHO, but mine skews left because it’s basically attached to my human’s hand. Rawr.

    prenden2 – Regen isn’t a huge issue apparently, although your mileage may vary. Try to make sure you maintain 1017ish haste for the 1s GCD and then see where you’re at with regen and crit and then wait to see when (if) they fix the mastery to actually show absorbs. IMHO! :)

    Veriu – Word of Glory will definitely feel more useful when some of our spells cost over 6000 mana. ;)

    Good to know I’m not the only one who feels underwhelmed by our 31pt talent. :/

    And yes, so many instants is weird! Man, are we going to be the new druids who jump around as they heal? Hm. Bind jump to a macro… /cast [@focus] Holy Shock? ;)

    That’s a huge Word of Glory. I think mine crits around 15k?

    If there was ever a time for a return of the shockadin, it’s now. Exorcism has no cooldown, we have a talent for its use in holy… Shockadins could definitely be a viable levelling build. I think, anyways.

    Thanks for your comment! :)

    thansal – Warrior. Had a DK tonight with similar issues. A druid was okay, but not amazing. Pally tanks, I’ve had 0 problems with so far. I know some bears are very sad pandas about the cooldown on Swipe, but that can’t explain everything. I don’t get why tanks and healers seem to get the brunt of the pain during expansion patches like this…

    Xellious – hahaha, that’s a new attitude and one that I share, at least in part. I just want people to give their all in terms of effort, including learning how to play the spec.

    I actually feel I have less to do now on the pally. No more worrying about judgement debuffs, just JotP. No more Sacred Shield. No more Divine Sacrifice. That sort of thing.

    To each their own, I guess! I’m glad you’re enjoying the new style. :)

    Walks – thanks for the report! Now, of course, I’m curious about which guildies you ran with, but anyways. ;)

    I think that’s the general consensus – heroics are still pretty facerolly and mana isn’t much of an issue. I’m considering going to that informal raid on Monday just to get an idea of what the hell I’m doing before Wednesday, because I’m REALLY interested in seeing what the hell we’re actually going to be able to do in a raid setting.

    At least I know you won’t be overwriting my Sacred Shields. ;D

    slice – I’m seeing the “feels weird” reaction a lot and it’s one I share as well. As to being specced “right”, I’m not sure there’s a “right” spec at the moment. Obviously, I like 31/3/2, but 31/5/0 or even 31/2/3 might still be “better”.

    Fannon – rejoice, Grid is working again! :D And hey, I had to clear out some disk space as well. :)

    The one thing I don’t like about individual blessings is that we CAN’T give just ourselves wisdom, er, might, if the rest of the group would be better served by kings. Drives me nuts!

    I do like the feeling that it’s all brand-new, too. :)

    ithilyn – Wow, what a great way of putting the healing experience:

    Mediocre healing that wasn’t really needed in heroics we totally overpowered, except when the dps pulled, which was often, and then my heals just weren’t big enough or quick enough. My fault on picking the wrong spell I’m sure.

    And I’m not sure it’s your fault for picking the wrong spell, either. I’d encourage people not to forget Flash of Light now, but to remember it’s not something to rely on as we gain levels and its mana cost grows prohibitive.

    I’m not sure I’ll have the healing output needed either, to be honest. GL to you! (And I’m totally jealous of the damn priests, too. :P)

    Abe – Definitely wait on mastery because we don’t know how well it’s working right now. :)

    Ngita – hahaha, it took me forever to start using Holy Light instead of FoL for IoL procs! Sorry to hear your PVP experience went poorly…!

    Rahmiel – Ret pallies are hax. ;)

    There are apparently addons for HP, so definitely keep an eye out!

    Random procs are random. Supposedly. I haven’t had that experience with Daybreak proccing only when I didn’t need it and such, but I’m sure it’ll happen more often now that I’ve mentioned it hasn’t happened. ;)

    No mana issues here either and I also loathe PotI. Meh!

    Definitely spend this time experimenting with different abilities, since you’re not burning through mana and stuff. Play around! :)

    I’m glad you’re having fun. :)

    Imardin – As Fannon said, welcome to WoW! We’re definitely all in the middle of relearning how to play, so join the club and know that you are awesome because you’re actually reading up on how to play as opposed to many millions of mouthbreathers who play this game. ;D Hope I’ve been helpful!

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