Kurn's Q&A #10

Strangely enough, I get a kick out of random search terms that lead here, so here’s the 10th post where I take a look at who’s been searching for stuff and my attempt to better answer the questions these people probably had.

1) paladin divinity jol

Yeah, basically, it doesn’t work the way you think it works. For whatever reason, it works on the judging paladin (and perhaps anyone else who has Divinity) but not on, say, a hunter. I know, weird, eh? Still, here are the results of the experiment I did.

2) “stained shadowcraft tunic” “enhancement shaman”

No, no, go get the Champion’s Deathdealer Breastplate. I know it’s mail, but even before 40, you’ll be able to equip it. It’ll be leather, effectively, ’till you ding 40 and then it’ll become mail. Same deal for your shoulders, get the Prized Beastmaster’s Mantle. Apart from anything else, intellect is a good stat to have — not only will it extend your mana pool, but also if you’re properly specced in the 50s or thereabouts, you’ll be getting Mental Quickness, adding to your attack power from your intellect.

3) anyway to keep focus frame through valithria

Not that I’ve seen. >< I use a macro to focus her:

/focus Valithria Dreamwalker

4) blood prince council+holy priest+bad

Nah, not bad. What we’ll typically do is 1-2 holy paladins, 1 disc priest, 1 resto druid, 1-2 resto shammies and a holy priest. The holy priest does very well in topping people off, saving people from their own idiocy. We have the shammies helping on tanks if we’ve just got the one holy pally, so the priest gets his Circle of Hax on and his Empowered Renew blasting through the raid. Works pretty well.

Of course, if you’re thinking their numbers suck, look at their assignments. Are they assigned to the raid with 3 resto druids? Then yes, they will appear “bad”. But unless you’re losing a bunch of people due to lack of heals (and not their own stupidity), your holy priest is probably doing fine.

5) can you remove mutated plague with divine protection

Okay, first of all, Divine Protection is the paladin equivalent of Shield Wall. So no, Divine Protection is not going to wipe Mutated Plague off the tank.

Mutated Plague is the debuff that Professor Putricide stacks on the tanks in Phase 3 of his encounter. Typically, on 25-man, we have Tank 1 take 2 stacks, then Tank 2 takes 2, then Tank 3 takes 2, then T1 takes 1, T2 takes 1, T3 takes 1, and so on until the good Professor is dead.

What WOULD drop Mutated Plague off is Divine Shield. But you DO NOT want to do this (and I suspect that’s why you asked if DP would wipe it off) because if MP drops off any target for any reason, it’ll heal the boss for a certain amount per stack that was on the tank. That includes tank death, that includes bubbling.

So please do feel free to use Divine Protection in P3 of Professor Putricide. :)

6) cataclysm “level 85″+”experience needed”

Okay, there’s like no information out for Cataclysm yet. I don’t think the Friends and Family Closed Alpha is even out yet. However, considering the level cap is moving up only five levels, I would have to presume that those are going to be some pretty epic levels and that you’ll have to get an obscene amount of experience to get to 85. That doesn’t mean that SOME crazy space goats won’t ding in like, four days, though, RIGHT OSEPHALA? ;)

7) divine illumination cooldown add on

I cannot pimp this enough: OmniCC is the best cooldown timer ever. It displays cooldowns by minute and then, at 60 seconds it displays by second until it’s up. This is one of the addons I cannot live without.

8) divine intervention macro

From my Holy How-To #3:

Here’s my “hey, I cast Divine Intervention on someone” macro. Note that you must be targetting the person you want to DI.

/cast Divine Intervention

/script SendChatMessage(“DI: The generous pally’s version of Bubble/Hearth.”, “WHISPER”, nil, UnitName(“target”));

/6 Divine Intervention cast on %t.

What that does is cast DI, then sends a whisper to your target saying: DI: The generous pally’s version of Bubble/Hearth. This can obviously be changed, that’s just my sense of humour. ;)

Then it announces to the healing channel (#6) that I cast DI on my target.

9) divine shield mystic buffet

Nope. It goes riiiiiiiight through Divine Shield. :(

10) grid show random dungeon tank

Ah, you’re using Grid and you want it to show you the roles of the people in your party, right? To my knowledge, there’s no way to show that in Grid as of yet. Your standard Blizzard UI party frames will show you the roles, though. Or, you can do what I do and that’s click on every possible person in your party who’s a pally, druid, death knight or warrior and pray that the one with the highest health is your tank…

Bonus question: how to tank as a paladin at lvl 20

20 is when it becomes easy. Make sure you have Righteous Fury on (which I believe still goes away after you die, so don’t forget to put it back on!) and judge your single targets. If you have more than 2-3 mobs, drop Consecration. Congratulations. You are now a leet threat machine!

8 Replies to “Kurn's Q&A #10”

  1. For #10, I always look at their talents. But you’re right. There aren’t any addons right now that will show the randomizer designations.

  2. A further note to your #10 there, Kurn, in 3.3.3 the order of pugs in dungeons will be fixed, IIRC, it will be tank, heals, then the DPS. Therefore after 3.3.3 you should be able to macro the first member of the party for the tank, regardless of name or class.

  3. Vuhdo actually does a fairly decent job of guessing who is tank, though it can take a couple seconds.

    Really, my only problem is when there is a warrior in the group. If it’s a DK they are in FP, if it’s a pala they have RF, if its a drood there’s a friken bear but looking at you.

    They need to turn warrior stances into a visible buff.

    Also, there is the quick solution:
    /p So, who’s the tank?
    At least until 3.3.3 hits.

  4. I’ll have you know that I totally lost track of time with all the new shiny Northrend quests and that’s what I didn’t sleep for 4 days. Don’t hate, lol.

  5. Aricelle – Talent-checking is probably a better method than mine, but lacks the shocking horror when you’re WRONG about your guess who the tank is! ;)

    Saunder – Yeah, I’m looking forward to a few Dungeon Finder tweaks, and I guess I’ll always be able to hit F2 to target the person who should be the tank, even though a macro won’t help it show up on Grid. :)

    Marco – ShadowedUF shows it in the party units as well, but either I need to update my ShadowedUF or it doesn’t display that on the target frame. Since I play with my party frames disabled (why do I need them if I have Grid?), I know that I personally would like the notation to show up in Grid. :)

    thansal – You mean, you HOPE the paladin remembered to turn on Righteous Fury. ;) But I TOTALLY agree about warrior stances and how they should be visible! And asking who the tank is ALSO ruins the possibility as to the sheer horror and shock you see when your “tank” has 8k less health than one of your DPS. ;)

    Osephala – As long as you don’t do that for Cataclysm, I think I can stop hating. For a little while. ;)

  6. Yeah, I’m pretty sure it will happen in Cataclysm too, lol. Euphie and I already came to this conclusion. rofl.

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