Note to self…

The time between about 5am and 7:30am on a Saturday morning is NOT the time for you to attempt to do any kind of random runs whatsoever.

4 (!) attempts at lowbie runs as a healer, 1 attempt at a random heroic as a DPS.

Results, 0 dungeons completed.

1) An SM Armory run where the tank was AFK to begin with for 8 minutes, then ran in, pulled the whole hallway, did NOT hit Consecration, got stunned and as I hit Dispel Magic for the stun, promptly let my face get eaten. Then the died, because I was dead. And they left group. So I did, too.

2) An SM Armory run, in progress, where I zone in and promptly see “healz hurry!” and see that a warrior, who is out of range on my Grid, is at half health. I run into the courtyard and aggro three mobs, because they hadn’t cleared the courtyard, nor informed me of such. Had I not been disc, I would have died instantly. Instead, I drag them to the group on the other side of the courtyard and down two hallways. The warrior promptly laughs at me and says “ur a girl thot ud b smarter then pullin stuff”.

… I respond with “I’m sorry, would you like me to leave?”


Uhuh. I believe you.

Two pulls later, the warlock soulstones the tank. Trying to be somewhat helpful, I mention that if they’re going to SS anyone, they ought to SS the healer.

“but hes runnin in and almost dyin”

“Actually, he’s not, because I’m healing him. And I’m getting aggro from mobs, because he’s not hitting them all and I wear cloth, so it really should be a healer who gets a soulstone.” Note that I’m not ACTUALLY asking for a soulstone. I’m just trying to point out the flaw in the logic.

“lol i where cloth too!!”

I just sigh to myself and we keep going. We get to a hallway and the tank just groups up the melee and starts hitting them, etc. Does he even TOUCH the caster? No. So I sigh again and shield the tank, and then myself, and the caster starts throwing fireballs at me.

“Aggro,” I say.

The tank does nothing.

“I have aggro from that caster,” I say.



Then the tank laughs at me and goes to get it. “lol y did u pull it???” he says.

“I didn’t pull it, you didn’t hit it. Can you please be sure to hit all the mobs in the area?”

“lol i did” comes the reply. “lol ud think the healer wuld b smarter then a grade 3er.”

I’m about to go “PARDON?” when he does this:

“<— thats me!”

… my tank was in Grade 3?

So I let them pull the entire hallway down from us and then I left. Because I’m not going to be insulted by an idiot in Grade 3, who needs to l2tank anyways. My parting words were:

“Yep. I’m smarter than someone in Grade 3. I’m smart enough to leave.”

3) A Razorfen Downs group, my first time in the instance ever, where the tank and a warlock were both ghosts and trying to FIND the instance, for about 7 minutes. The rogue then PUTS ME ON FOLLOW and afks. Seriously. He just stands there, following me. And none of us can kick him because the 15 minutes aren’t up. The tank leaves, I leave. Very weird.

4) Back to SM Armory. At least I’ve hit 35 by virtue of the last several attempted runs. “big pullz btw” says the paladin tank and charges down the hall. It was an exact duplicate of the first attempt at a random run I’d had, except this time, I didn’t touch the tank and let him die. Then the mage tries to “tank” and frost novas everything and blinks away and is like “priest run!!!”

“I don’t think so,” I said. “I think I’ll leave, instead.”

And so I left, so tired of all the idiocy.

5) I got on my hunter to do my daily random.

Heroic Halls of Reflection. I dread that loading screen as much as I do the Oculus, I swear. We do the first waves just fine. Second set of waves was okay. We’re on the second boss. And then I have aggro. WTF? Oh. THE TANK IS DEAD. Why is the tank dead? BECAUSE HE STOOD IN THE WELL OF CORRUPTION and had something like 8 stacks of it on him. Way to be, Mr. Tank. Way to be.

We wipe. I leave the group.


I hereby propose “WoW Role School”. This should be an in-game set of instances designed to help teach tanks, healers and DPS how to play their roles. I’m not talking about micromanaging which spells and abilities are used (except things like Frost Presence, Righteous Fury, Defensive Stance, Bear form) but showing people what their role truly is in a group setting.

You get, say, five of them as you level up through to 60 or so. Here’s an example of what a protection paladin would go through.

1) Level 15 (when you can queue for the LFG tool): Depending on your class/spec, you are shown how to heal, DPS or tank by virtue of a 15 minute mock dungeon run with tips. The instance would start up and you’d be given a quest. For example:

“You appear to be putting your talent points into the Protection tree, young paladin. Would you like to learn how to hold the attention of hostile creatures while your group kills them and you are healed?

– Yes, I would like to learn to tank

– No, I would prefer to learn to heal

– No, I would prefer to learn to do damage”

And then the quest would be accepted. “Hold the attention of 5 separate creatures from your fellow party members.” And they would be NPCs, NOT the morons you get in LFG, so you’d get the group focus firing, etc. Would teach about Righteous Defense.

2) Level 25 – same deal, now teaches the use of Righteous Fury, Hand of Reckoning and Consecration, for example

3) Level 35 – more elaborate pulls, LOS, casters, runners

4) Level 45 – BoSanc, some other class skills, etc

5) Level 55 – Mock up of Strat UD, need to clear down to and kill Anub’Rekhan.

And then, if you queued up for another role, you’d have to do it over again from that role’s perspective, for whatever level range you’re at.

For any veteran player, this would be easy. You could EASILY do these mock-up runs in the span of 10 minutes at most. But the people who aren’t familiar with the game/class/etc, would be required to learn some of the very basics of their class/role.

So why am I bitching about this? Haven’t there always been fail people in groups? Yes. There have been. But the level of ineptitude I have seen recently, this morning even, demonstrates two things to me.

a) It is SUPER easy for people to find groups via the dungeon finder, meaning more people are using it and more people are doing level-appropriate dungeons as they level toons.

b) More than ever before, Blizzard is forcing us to play with others in a group situation where we must rely on these total strangers (usually from other servers within our battlegroups) to perform their roles adequately.

I’m not asking for people to be the best tanks, healers or DPS in the entire world, really. I’m asking for tanks to make sure they hit the mobs so that healers don’t get aggro when casting a shield. I’m asking for healers who know enough to WAIT to cast that shield/heal when the tank is doing anything like a gauntlet or just a big group. I’m asking for DPS who don’t put the healer ON FOLLOW and then AFK!

Is it our choice to use, or not use, the Dungeon Finder tool? Yes. But I believe that since Blizzard has encouraged us to use it in a multitude of ways, from Emblems of Frost and extra Emblems of Triumph to extra experience and Satchels of Helpful Goods, then they’ve got a responsibility to ensure that the tool is populated by people who won’t make you want to throw your computer out the window and cancel your damn subscription.

Just sayin’.

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  1. Wow…just…wow…..unbelievable.

    I agree so freaking much about the whole learn your role type quests. That would be soo great. Please send this idea into Blizzard. Because it’s so easy to level up nowadays, people are skipping through so fast, they barely know how to play a class.

  2. Condolences. :

    In general, I agree with the idea of class role lessons. Hell, despite how awesome I am, I still have trouble tanking on Ghera when it comes to handling multiple casters and over-geared DPS who likes to AOE without (for example) Soul Shattering. And I’m certain that there are a number of things about paladins that I don’t know that would make it a lot easier. I already use Hand of Reckoning to pull, Avenger’s Shield to silence casters, Righteous Defense to get aggro back, et cetera, but there has to be more. Right?

    It would certainly help people who level alone (like myself) who want to take a role more involved than DPSing without making a complete fool of themselves and/or ruining a group’s day. I just can’t help but think that it would still be overlooked, or ignored entirely. Compare people who rely on (as opposed to simply using) QuestHelper/Carbonite/LightHeaded to finish their quests.

    Vaguely related, I was talking to my resto dr00d friend (an old guildmate, from the fail-Kara days) who didn’t realize healing caused aggro.

    Totally unrelated, I GOT MY FAWN. :D

  3. Wow, you had some seriously bad luck there. *boggle* *boggle*

    I genuinely don’t know what to say except commiserations!

  4. Osephala – exactly. It’s like they’re completely ignorant about how to play their classes. Like that hunter who was meleeing in that lowbie instance and went “what are we supposed to do shoot the whole time?”. Someone should TELL the hunters that YES, by golly, that IS what you’re supposed to do!!!

    X – Grats on the fawn!! And really? The druid didn’t know about healing aggro? D:

    What level is the paladin you’re levelling? Righteous Fury on + Consecration is generally all you need at the lower levels to secure aggro and as you pick up things like Holy Shield, Hammer of the Righteous, etc, things go better. Seriously consider Seal of Command as your seal of choice on groups for the AOE threat. :)

    Tam – Terrifying, isn’t it? Haha, thanks for the commiserations. :D

  5. Oh, he’s 80. He’s been 80 for about a month now, though I haven’t been playing for about a month, just sitting there because I’m afraid of getting something like Pit of Saron (which I can’t finish, all the adds on Tyrannus will DC me. :).

    Righteous Fury is always up, what with the damage reduction from talents, I use Avenger’s Shield to silence the casters on pull so I can group them up, drop Consecration, and go to town. Depending on the group, I’ll use either Command or Vengeance (Command for PUGs, Vengeance for guild runs (Holy shit, a guild that knows to focus fire?)). I think I have the basic idea of tanking down, as a paladin, but I keep reaching for Death Grip when someone starts to run (Which I immediately replace with Hand of Reckoning anyway) but the trouble comes when I lose a caster and can’t tell who he’s going after so I can cast Righteous Defense on them. This is mostly just a UI issue, though, the glow is almost nonexistant for some reason with the default UI. I was considering spending the time downloading some addons today (what with the maintenance) and was wondering if I could use Grid and Clique for that very reason?

    As for the druid, no joke. He would pre-HOT our tanks, who would generally face pull, but somehow they’d still manage to hold aggro. It’s really either a testament to how good our tanks were (for, y’know, failing on Nightbane so often) or how weak his initial HOTs were. I’m now wondering if that could be why we wiped on Rain of Bones so often…

    Man, this comment is longer than my last NaNo attempt. :

  6. X – I love Grid/Clique for healing, but it’s amazing for Righteous Defense. I just right-click on the person with aggro and it casts RD on them and whee, the thing comes running back to me. :)

    Alternatively, there are macros that, when you click on the mob, will assist the mob and cast RD on that person.

    But since I always have Grid and Clique loaded for healing purposes, it’s just easier for me to rebind a Clique bind for RD.

    Sounds like you have the pally tanking basics down. Don’t underestimate line of sight as a pulling method, too. The silence on the shield isn’t terribly long and isn’t always adequate. :)

    The druid of whom you speak sounds kind of scary…

  7. I’m a big fan of LoS pulls (and moving into it when casting begins. That’s actually why my guild’s tank [Theoretically {God I love nesting parentheses/brackets/et cetera.}] can solo Ick) but it’s harder for me to do in, say, Forge of Souls.

    I thought about using the macro method, but the problem comes when it isn’t a target I’m looking at or I just tabbed off. But I’m guessing that will get easier in time, or I’ll just get my raid frames/Clique combo set up to be super-smooth and get lazy.

    Re: Scary Druid – Sort of, looking back at it. He was mostly pretty cool at the time, though he did spam trade more often than we liked…

  8. Totally love your idea. Every time I walk by the training dummies, I wish that they would have one for healers. Instanced training modules would be fabulous, truly fabulous.

    There are many aspects of the game that create great opportunities for player training (How about raiding, too? As a person who’s been in a raid group a total of twice, it is fairly daunting, and I fear jumping in, due to the concern about totally disappointing other players).

    You have possibly hit on an idea that could help bridge the gap of frustration between the seasoned and inexperienced players (myself being in the latter category, but trying….) While I sense that LFD and Weekly Raid Quests and Randoms are currently causing a lot of pain for more experienced players, I am guessing that Blizzard made the right decision, and that in time, the overall quality of all players will be much better. Just a guess :)

    Also, thanks for just putting your information out there, it’s already helping me to become a better holy pally!

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